What are changes in Jammu and Kashmir after 370 Abrogation?

As you know the Indian Government has abrogated Article 370 on 5th August 2019. And here we will Discuss what was article 370 in the Indian Constitution and what changes happen after the abrogation of article 370 in Jammu and Kasmir. There were several changes after the removal of 370. and we will discuss approx 10 changes after 370. so now let’s discuss what are changes in Jammu and Kashmir after 370 Abrogation?

What are changes in Jammu and Kashmir after 370 Abrogation

What was Article 370:- To understand this all let’s understand what was article 370?

Under this article, the Indian constitution has given some special status and special power to the State Jammu and Kashmir. Even the Indian parliament needs Jammu & Kashmir government’s approval for applying any law in the state of  Jammu & Kashmir. This state has its own parliament and its rules and regulation for its state which was different from other states of India. The law of citizenship, fundamental rights and ownership of property was different in Jammu & Kashmir than other states in India.

But now the government has removed Article 370 from Jammu & Kashmir and divided it into two union territories naming Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh like Lakhyadeep, Pondicherry, Andaman & Nicobar, etc. Now the government would have full control over Jammu & Kashmir and can apply any law in the state. But any political party cannot form government in the Ladakh where the governor will be appointed to run the state and Jammu & Kashmir will have its CM (Chief Minister) because it is Union territory with its assembly, So, in this article we will tell you what are the Major changes in Jammu and Kashmir after 370 Abrogation?

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Changes in Jammu & Kashmir after 370 (10 changes after 370)

Now this state is completely under the Indian Constitution, the Indian government would have full control over Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh like all other states in India. there are some major changes in Jammu & Kashmir after article 370 abrogation:-

  1. Earlier this state has a separate constitution but now after the 370, they do not have such thing, they are now the same as other states.
  2. They had their own flag, but now there would be no separate flag only Tiranga.
  3. Before the 370, nobody from other states or other countries can buy property in Jammu & Kashmir, but now any Indian can buy and sell property in Jammu & Kashmir.
  4. Earlier they had a separate law for Citizenship, ownership of property and fundamental rights, but now they follow the Indian Constitution like other states.
  5. Earlier Central government has no direct authority to declare financial emergency on this state. But now the central government can directly apply any kind of emergency like on other states in India.
  6. Earlier Jammu & Kashmir had their own separate National Anthem, but now the entire country has only one National Anthem (Jan gan man).
  7. Except for the defence, foreign affairs, finance, and communication. The Indian government needs approval from the Jammu & Kashmir government for applying any laws. But now the government has full control and authority to apply or remove any law in the state Jammu & Kashmir.
  8. Any Girl can marry any outside boy like other states.
  9. Before 370 Abrogation, Jammu and Kashmir Police runs under the state government but after the 370 all the police force comes under the central government of India Like Delhi.
  10. The first Lt Governor of Jammu and Kashmir is Girish Chandra Murmu.
  11. Radha Krishna Mathur sworn-in as 1st Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh

Earlier people of Jammu & Kashmir were divided into three parts, some people were Indian, some people were saying they are Pakistani and some were saying they are from Azad Kashmir. But after revoking the 370, Jammu & Kashmir has come as part of India.

It is good or bad that cannot be said, but this decision can make the nation stronger and happier and people from Jammu & Kashmir can proudly say that they are Indian.

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