Types of Beret Worn in Indian Army and Its Significance


You all must have seen the soldiers of the army that they keep a cap on their heads. The soldiers serving in the rank of an officer are given caps according to that post. In the Indian Army since the middle of the twentieth century, the armed forces have considered the uniform as well as a main component for the Barrettarmy. In today’s article, we are giving you information about the colour and characteristics of the cap, which is known as the beret, worn in the Indian Army. Let’s Know Types of Beret and Its Significance.

Types of Beret and Its Significance:-

Types of BeretIts Significance
Light green beretMilitary Intelligence Soldiers.
Dark Green or Rifle GreenWar Commandos or Regiment Soldiers
Maroon ColorSpecial Frontier Force and Regiment Soldiers
Black coloured beretsNational Security Guard or Black Cadets
Grey-coloured beretsAviation Department Soldiers
Scarlet (reddish beret)Military Police Corps of the Indian Army
Navy blue coloured beretsRegiment Of Artillery, Corps Of Engineer, And Corps Of Signal
Sandy coloured beretsMarine Commandos
Light blue beretUnited Nations military

Description of all Types of Beret Worn By Indian Army:-

1- Light Green Beret: – In the Indian Armed Forces, the soldiers who have light green berets are worn, such jeans are seen as Military Intelligence. Because in the army, light-coloured berets are worn only by military intelligence soldiers.

2- Dark Green or Rifle Green:- Such soldiers of the Indian Army who are worn by soldiers of Infantry Regiment, Rifle Regiment, Light Infantry Regiment (including Mechanized Infantry Regiment), Cobra Jungle War Commandos, Apart from this, this beret is worn by the National Cadet Corps. Soldiers wearing these berets are recognized as commandos.

3- Maroon Colure: – Mehroon coloured berets are available for the best commandos of the Indian Army like Parachute Regiment, Special Frontier Force, and Special Forces personnel. these special Forces are identified by the Mehroon coloured berets worn by them.

4- Black coloured berets: – All of us must have seen that all the soldiers of the National Security Guard or Black Cadets wear black berets. This beret has also been given to the Armed Corps of the Indian Army. Its colour in the Indian Navy is Navy Blue. Who is recognized as the Security Guards of the Indian Navy?

5- Gray-coloured berets: – Gray-colored berets are given to the soldiers working in the Aviation Department of the Indian Army. Apart from the Aviation Corps of the Indian Army, Indian Air Force personnel wear this beret.

6- Scarlet (reddish beret):- Red berets are worn by the soldiers of the Military Police Corps of the Indian Army. The soldiers wearing this colour beret are either military police or the Indian Army. Or the CMP is given to training prisoners of war to handle and control the traffic.

7- Navy blue coloured berets: – Wearing navy blue beret is worn by soldiers of their regiment of artillery, corps of engineers, and corps of a signal. Apart from this beret is also worn by the Indian Coastal Guard and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force.

8- Sandy coloured berets: -Only soldiers who are posted in the Coast Guard Department of the Indian Army and who are identified as Marine Commandos are given sandy coloured berets.

9- Light blue beret: – Soldiers of this colour beret serve in the United Nations military regardless of or regardless of unit, army, or service. All these personnel wears light blue berets.

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