Physical Standard and Eligibility for Para SF Commando

Physical Standard and Eligibility for Para SF Commando:- Friends, in today’s article, I will tell you about Para SF Commando Special Force, what is Para SF Commando? And how to become Para SF Commando? Apart from this, what are the Physical, Standard, and Eligibility associated with Para Commando? You will know all this important information, so you read this article completely. Friends, there are some special forces in the army of any country. Special forces are also present in our country of India, who are always ready to protect our country.

You all will remember that some commandos lost their lives in the terrorist attack of the entire Kashmir of our country. In order to avenge the martyrdom of Indian soldiers, some special forces of the country carried out a surgical strike on Pakistan and many terrorists and their hideouts were destroyed. The para commandos of our country contributed a lot in doing all this work. Who avenged the sacrifice of their companions.

What is Para SF Commando?

Friends, Para SF Commando is consider one of the most dangerous armies of our country. Who killed the terrorists present in PoK on 29 September 2016 by the surgical strike. And avenged the soldiers killed in Pulwama. Para SF Commando is one of the most dangerous special forces in the world. Para SF commandos formed on 1 July 1966. The main objective of forming this army group was to provide security to our country from terrorism. And Kashmir Valley can be freed from terrorism. So that the people living there can be safe. Para commandos are one such troop of the army. Who goes on her mission with a parachute. The Para Commando consists of 9 battalions.

What is the work of Para SF Commando?

Some of the special operations of Para SF Commando like ending terrorism, releasing people trapped in the clutches of terrorists, Doing big things like providing internal security abroad, etc. Para SF Commando not only in the country but also go to other countries to complete their operations. And annihilates the enemies of the country.

Like Para SF Commando in the Indian Army in our country, Marcos in the Indian Navy, and Garuda Special Forces in Indian Airports. The Head Quarters of Para Commandos is in the Army Cantonment of Bangalore.

Para SF Commando Physical Standard and Eligibility

Friends, till now we have seen what are Para SF Commando? And how important are these for our military? It can face any kind of difficulties. Therefore, to become a para SF commando, you are giving very hard training. Before taking training in Para SF Commando, it is necessary to know how to become a Para SF Commando and its Physical Standard and Eligibility.

There are two options to become a Para SF Commando –

  1. By direct recruitment
  2. By the Indian Army

1- Direct recruitment:-

Direct recruitment- Candidates are selected from Civil to Army Rally to recruited in Para SF Commando. This army rally held at Para Commando Training Center, Bangalore. The candidates who pass this entire training. The same para SF commandos become special forces. To become a special force of para commandos, you have to be very strong physically and mentally. (Physical Standard and Eligibility)

Physical Standard:-

Following are the physical standards of candidates to become Para Special Commandos through Rally Recruitment.

  1. The age of the candidate should be between 18 years to 23 years. (Some categories are also given age relaxation as per rules)
  2. The candidate has to complete the 16 hundred meter race in 6 minutes.
  3. The height of the candidate should be minimum 157 cm and weight according to height.
  4. During the rally, candidates have to do 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups and rope climbing.


  • The candidate is eligible to become a special force in the Indian Army only when he is physically and mentally healthy.
  • For the educational qualification of the candidate should be passed in 10th and 12th standard with appropriate marks.
  • Must have experience of working in the Indian Army for a minimum period of 2 years after passing the rally examination.

2- By the Indian Army

By the Indian Army- Friends, if any Indian Army soldier wants to join Para Commando Special Force. So he has to get the recommendation letter issue from the commander of his Regiment first. Indian Army soldiers can apply by becoming a Voluntarier. The commanding officer of any regiment selects only those soldiers who are physically and mentally stronger for the training of para commandos. To become a para commando, soldiers have to first become paratroopers, and for any para commandos it is the first examination to clear the test of paratroopers. Those jawans or candidates who clear this test, those jawans are sent for training. (Physical Standard and Eligibility)


Physical Standard:-

  • At the time of selection of Para Special Force, the age of the candidate should be between 20 to 23 years while working in the Indian Force Army. (Age relaxation will be given to the candidates according to the category)
  • All the criteria for the Indian Army are the same for the Pera Special Commando Force.


  • The candidate should be physically strong and mentally healthy.
  • The candidate should have a minimum of 2 years experience of serving as a soldier in the army.
  • The battalion of which the candidate is a soldier must have the acknowledgment letter of their higher rank officers.

Only 10% of the soldiers working in the army are able to become para commandos. You must have learned from this thing how difficult training of para commandos is.

Training of Para SF Commando: –

Friends, the training of Para SF Commando is considered to be the most dangerous training in the world. In Para SF Commando training, soldiers have to go through physical and mental exhaustion and many difficult difficulties. The soldier who crosses all these difficulties completes his training. They get the badge of the sacrificial post and then go on to become para commandos.

In Para SF Commando, paratroopers are trained for 3 months. While the training of Para Commando Special Forces lasts for 6 months. That is, Para Commando Special Forces are trained for a total of 9 months. The following types of training are done in the training of para commandos.

  1. Para SF Commando has to start their day by running in the field, and during this race, a weight of 60 to 65 kg is placed on their body. With this weight, they have to run for 20 kilometers.
  2. To become Para SF Commando, if you trained in Air Force Training School in Agra, then you have to put 50 jumps from 33000 feet there.
  3. Para SF Commando also trained to fight in the water. For this, they have to train in the Naval Driving Training School Kochi.
  4. They are giving full training to operate the weapon in every way.
  5. As is known in the name of Para SF Commando. That their main thing is the parachute. They have to jump from very good places. Therefore, it is very important to know the right way to open the parachute and the time. For this, Para SF Commando trained from the training school in Agra. During this training, you have two parachutes. These weigh 15 kg and 5 kg respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How to become a Para SF Commando?
    Answer:- To become a Para SF Commando, the candidate must first admit to the Army.
  2. Whether the candidate included in this Para SF Commando after selection?
    Answer:- No, after direct recruitment, the candidate has to work in the army for a minimum of 2 years. Whereas the soldiers working in the Indian Army are giving about 6 months of training in Para SF Commando after selection.
  3. How important is Para SF Commando to the army?
    Answer:- As important as the main army is for the Indian Army, it is equally important Para SF Commando. Both perform their duties towards the country.
  4. What is the function of Para SF Commando?
    Answer:- The work of the Para SF Commando is responsible for protecting the country from internal and external forces.
  5. How many days are the training of Para SF Commando?
    Answer:- The training of the Para SF Commando is mainly for 2 years. But according to one source, it has learned that this training never ends.
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