Tips and Tricks to Clear SSC Head Constable by MKC.

The application forms for SSC Head Constable are being filled. Lakhs of candidates across the country must be prepared to work for the post of Head Constable in Delhi Police by filling out this application form. To make your exam preparation even better, it is necessary for you to have detailed knowledge of the exam syllabus. By which you can improve your preparation. In today’s article, we will give you information about some of the best tips and tricks, using which you can prepare for SSC Head Constable in a better way.

In the table given below, we have provided you with information about the topics asked in the question paper of the SSC Head Constable and their important topics. Let us now know how you will be able to prepare yourself for the preparation of these subjects.


Quantitative Aptitude

General Awareness

English Language

General Intelligence

Computer Fundamentals

·         Algebra

·         Circle

·         Fundamental arithmetical operations

·         Geometry

·         Mensuration

·         Number Systems

·         Statistical Charts

·         Trigonometry

·         Sports Terminology

·         Solar System

·         Science – Inventions & Discoveries

·         Indian states and capitals

·         Indian Constitution

·         Important Financial

·         Important Days & Dates

·         History

·         Geography

·         Economic News

·         Current Important Events

·         Current Affairs – National & International

·         Countries and Currencies

·         Books and Authors

·         Banking News

·         Awards and Honors

·         Abbreviations

·         Wrong Spelt

·         Voices

·         Verb

·         Tenses

·         Synonyms & antonyms

·         Subject-Verb Agreement

·         Sentence Improvement

·         Reading Comprehension

·         Phrase Replacement

·         Phrasal Verbs

·         One-word substitution

·         Noun

·         Jumbled Sentence

·         Infinitive, Gerund, Participle

·         Idioms and phrases

·         Identify the sentence pattern

·         Find out the Error

·         Fill in the Blanks

·         Direct & Indirect Speech

·         Conjunctions

·         Cloze Test

·         Articles

·         Adverbs

·         Statement – Conclusions

·         Statement – Arguments

·         Situation Reaction Test

·         Puzzles

·         Number, Ranking & Time Sequence

·         Logical Venn Diagrams

·         Logical Sequence of Words

·         Inserting The Missing Character

·         Direction Sense Test

·         Deriving Conclusions from Passages

·         Data Sufficiency

·         Coding-Decoding

·         Clocks & Calendars

·         Arithmetical Reasoning

·         Analogy

·         Alpha-Numeric Sequence Puzzle

·         Alphabet Test Series

·         OSI Model

·         Microsoft Office

·         Internet

·         Input and Output Devices

·         Computer Storage Devices

·         Computer Network

·         Computer Fundamentals

·         Components of Computer

Tips and Tricks to prepare for SSC Head Constable written exam:-

In SSC Head Constable three written exam questions are asked from total 5 parts and you need tips and tricks to prepare for all parts

Tips for Quantitative Aptitude: –

In the written examination of SSC Head Constable, candidates have to prepare Mathematics questions under Quantitative Aptitude. Under Quantitative Aptitude, candidates are asked questions related to many topics like Algebra, Trigonometry, and Mensuration on the basis of class X. For its preparation, you have to read maths books of class 10th and 12th.MKC Private Limited publishes excellent books in both Hindi and English languages ​​for the preparation of Quantitative Aptitude for SSC Head Constable. In these books, you will find short tricks and tips to solve all types of questions related to Quantitative Aptitude. To prepare for this part you need to spend time and practice daily to solve maths questions in your daily timetable.

Tips for General Awareness: –

General Awareness is an important section of any exam in which candidates have to acquire knowledge related to current affairs. For preparing for fire, you have to prepare by collecting much important information like News Papers, Current Affairs, Geography, and the History of each day. Various types of information related to the preparation of General Awareness are easily available to you on the official website of Major Kalshi Classes and MKC Learning Application. If you need daily and monthly current affairs notes or information, then you can use newspapers, news published on television, and weekly and monthly current affairs. All the above information is easily available to you even in the books of General Awareness published by Major Kalshi Classes.

Tips for English Language Preparation: –

Generally in the SSC Head Constable English Language question paper, you have to prepare related to Grammar. For this, you should prepare by joining the Swiss school run by Major Kalshi Classes.If you want, you can join these classes at home by joining Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute. For English preparation, you have to study dictionaries and grammar books every day.You can click on the link given below to order Grammar Books today and prepare better for SSC Head Constable English Language Question Paper.

Tips for General Intelligence: –

In the General Intelligence section of SSC Head Constable, candidates are asked questions from multiple sections like Analogy, Coding-Decoding, Venn diagram, and Situation Reaction Test. For the preparation of this part, it is necessary for you to study the books published by Major Kalshi Classes and keep practising continuously. By continuously practising with other types of books available in the market, you can improve your General Intelligence section.If you want to know about the best short tricks and tips for General Awareness, then download the MKC Learning Application today and get guidance from the best teachers.

Tips for Computer Fundamentals: –

In Computer Fundamentals, you should have knowledge about important computer-related information like shortcut keys and how to use all the software that comes under Microsoft Office. Along with this, you can also get more information about computer fundamentals by reading computer books from classes VIII to X.By joining the coaching campus classes with Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute, you can easily prepare yourself and get all kinds of important information related to computer fundamentals.

Physical Endurance and Measurement standard

Physical Endurance Test for Male Candidates
AgeRace – 1600 MetersLong JumpHigh Jump
Upto 30 Years07 Minutes12 ½ Feet3 ½ Feet
Above 30 to 40 Years08 Minutes11 ½ Feet3 ¼ Feet
Above 40 Years09 Minutes10 ½ Feet3 Feet
Physical Endurance Test for Female Candidates
AgeRace – 800 MetersLong JumpHigh Jump
Upto 30 Years05 Minutes09 Feet3 Feet
Above 30 to 40 Years06 Minutes08 Feet2 ½ Feet
Above 40 Years07 Minutes07 Feet2 ¼ Feet
Physical Measurements Test
Male165 cms (Relaxable by 5 cms)78 cms – 82 cms (Minimum 4 cms expansion) 
Female157 cms (Relaxable by 5 cms)NA 

Tips and Tricks for Physical Measurement and Standard: –

If you want to follow the tips and tricks for preparation of Physical Measurement and Standard of SSC Head Constable. In the table below you can see what are the standards, you need to meet for Physical Measurement.

  • To achieve success in racing, you have to travel long distances in the morning, for this, you should do time management and practice continuously in less time.
  • To perform better in the long jump, keep practising physical exercises and long jump in any open area every day.
  • To make your body light for the high jump, pay attention to your diet and keep practising continuously.
  • To improve your physical stamina and yourself in physical measurement, get yourself tested at MKC Health Care Center run by Major Kalshi Classes.
  • Here you will get the best information for a thorough examination and physical measurement by a retired army doctor.
  • To join this coaching institute, you can use the contact number given below and the official website or get yourself enrolled by reaching the address given below.
  • You can also join classes by registering through MKC Learning Application to join offline classes at Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute.
  • If you want to prepare for the exam by staying in any other part of the country and abroad, then use the link on the application given below and get registered and prepare for the exam sitting at home.

Frequently Asked Question:-

  • How to prepare for SSC Head Constable has written exam?
    Ans: –
    To prepare for the written exam of SSC Head Constable, practice yourself regularly using different types of books. For this, you can also read the books published by MKC.
  • Is there any preference given for women in SSC Head Constable?
    Ans: –
    There is no preference for women and men in the SSC Head Constable exam.
  • Is there age relaxation in SSC Head Constable or not?
    Ans: –
    While filling out the application form for SSC Head Constable, candidates are given relaxation according to their category respectively. For example, 3 years for OBC and 5 years for SC ST, age relaxation is given.
  • How to join for exam preparation through Major Kalshi Classes?
    You can use the MKC Learning Application or the official website given below to prepare for the exam through Major Kalshi Classes
  • Which Books to Read for SSC Head Constable?
  • Ans:- For SSC Head Constable, read the books of Major Kalshi Classes present in the market or get the books by visiting the official website of MKC.
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