Passing all the hurdles to your final commission in OTA (CDS) ENTRY, you will now be working as a part of one of the prestigious organisations of our country. After you are designated as an officer, there are some terms and conditions which are applicable onto you.

I have tried to bring out a few of them to your notice.

  • PROBATION PERIOD: From the date of commission, an officer is to be on a period of probation for about 6 months. This rule is applicable for both male and female candidates.

During her/his probation period if he/she is to be reported as unsuitable as to retain his/her commission, they may be terminated at any point of time. This termination may be made either before or after the expiry of the period of probation.

The candidates that are withdrawn from OTA (CDS) ENTRY on disciplinary grounds are not eligible to apply for the entries.

  • POSTING: The officers or personnel who are granted Short Service Commission in OTA (CDS) ENTRY can be posted anywhere across the country.

Also, they can be posted abroad too on the basis of selected appointments decided by the IHQ Mod (ARMY).

  • APPOINTMENT TENURE: Both male and female officers are granted service for 14 years in the regular Army under Short Service Commission. In this tenure of 14 years, an initial period of 10 years of service is granted which is extendible to 4 years.

The male officers are considered for the grant of permanent commission by the Short Service Commission if they are considered eligible. Also, if the officers are willing to continue their service in the Indian Army.

This permanent commission may be granted to them in accordance with the relevant rules in the 10th year of their Short Service Commission.

The SSC officers who are not granted permanent commission but are fit and found suitable, are provided with the option to continue their service in the Army as SSCOs. They will be serving for a total period of 14 years which includes the initial tenure of 10 years. On the expiration of this tenure they are released from the Army.

However, women officers are not eligible for permanent commission. But they have the option to apply for extension of upto 14 years of their service.

  • SPEICAL PROVISION FOR THE RELEASE FOR SSC: The male and female officers (SSC NON-TECH), during the 5th year of service to the Army HQs for release. The officers applying for release shouldn’t be undergoing or had undergone Degree Engineering Course or any other specialised course of this type.

These applications are considered by the Army HQs. On top of this the Army HQ has the final say. On HQ’s approval officers are released from service on the completion of their 5th year of service.

Those SSC (NON-TECH) male and female officers are not granted release who had undergone or are undergoing Degree Engineering Course. They are required to complete the tenure of 14 years of service.

  • PROVISION DURING EXTENDED TENURE: Officers are permitted to apply for a release from the Army, during extended tenure.

Grant of release is on the following basis:

  • If the officer is taking up civil job.
  • If the officer is to pursue higher education
  • If they are to start their own business or they are to join family business.
  • SIGNIFICANT PROMOTION: The male and female officers who are granted short service commission are eligible for the following provided promotion:
  • They are promoted to the rank of Captain: On completion of 2 years of reckonable commissioned service.
  • They are promoted to the rank of Major: On completion of 6 years of reckonable commissioned service.
  •  They are promoted to the rank of Lt. Col.: On completion of 13 years of reckonable commissioned service.

g) Mandatory Conditions: Mandatory conditions for award of above meaningful positions set down for Permanent Commissioned officials just as the qualification, time breaking point and punishments for advancement test Part B and D as relevant to extremely durable commission officials additionally be also material to SSCOs male and female.

h) Adjustment of Seniority: To make change for more limited training of SSC male and female opposite PC officials, the position of SSC male and female officials will be dejected by the period comparing to the distinction in training period between the SSC course viable and the training time of its identical PC Course. This change of status will be done at the hour of award of first significant position of Captain. The updated position will have no impact on the compensation and remittances conceded in the position of Capt., Major and Lt. Col.

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