TAT – Thematic apperception test pictures of SSB Interview

The SSB Interview is conducted in the Indian Armed forces exams. All the candidates who want to become an officer in the Indian Armed forces like the Indian Army or Indian Air force or Indian navy etc. Here in this article, I am sharing with you the details about the activities that one has to appear in the Interview. Here we will talk about the TAT Thematic Apperception Test and its picture of SSB Interview. All the candidates who are qualified to appear for the SSB Interview. They must prepare for this Interview in a very well manner. At last, we have shared some important tips to prepare for this.

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TAT – Thematic apperception test pictures of SSB:

TAT – Thematic apperception test is a projective psychological test. It is designed to reveal an individual’s perception of interpersonal relationships.

Most students take this Interview very lightly and think that this is just a normal Interview. This Interview is among one of the toughest Interviews in India at the 10+2 level. One must prepare so well for this Interview.

The Interview is divided into five parts or five days. Each day you will appear for different kinds of tests and activities. On the Second Day of the Interview, You will appear for the following tests.

  • Thematic Apperception Test
  • Word Association Test
  • Situation Reaction Test
  • Self Description Test

The Thematic Apperception Test is part of the second day of the SSB Interview in which candidates are shown images and they have to develop a story. Here are some pictures of the Thematic Apperception Test. It will help you to understand better.

Pictures of TAT – Thematic apperception test:

These are the pictures of the Thematic Apperception Test. It is very important to get trained well to write a complete story just by looking at the picture. There is proper training for this particular phase of the SSB Interview. Here are some common points to remember while you are looking at any picture.

Common Points to understand for TAT:

  • TAT – Thematic apperception test: Each story must have a chief character (Hero), it will be wise to use officer like qualities (OLQs) when creating the personality traits of the character.
  • Choose the age and profession of the main lead of your story very carefully. The age should be exactly what is evident from the picture. And choose the profession according to age.
  • Avoid superficial base for the story, the practical a story sounds the positive will be on the impression of the assessors.
  • Always give the story a successful ending.
  • Keep a clean and calm thought process while writing a story.
  • Avoid tough and negative language, keep it understandable and less technical.
  • Keep a keen eye when looking at pictures, read every small detail.

If you are appearing for the SSB Interview, get trained well. The SSB Interview is a different Interview. There are many online sources by which you can take the complete training for the SSB Interview and can train your self better for this. You can take help from Youtube, Major Kalsi Classes Online portals, etc

But, If you are new to this and not have any idea about the process and procedure of the SSB Interview. You must join the Best Academy for the preparation of the SSB Interview. You can also prepare at home through the SSB Books or online study Materials etc. But joining the Academy will be the best option. You can join the Major Kalshi Classes for the SSB Interview preparation. We have a team of ex SSB Interviewer, who trains the candidates in the best manner.

Tips for SSB Interview:

The Selection of the candidates in the Interview is done on the basis of the Officer Like Quality. It is very important to understand this term. You can click on the link given to get the details about the OLQs (Officer Like Quality):

What are the OLQ’s and how to develop Officer like Quality for SSB Interview

Your knowledge will not be tested much. The Officers or Examiners check the officer like quality in the candidates. Here are some common tips that you should remember while you appear for this Interview:

  • Do not try to show that you are the best.
  • Do not be over smart, always act accordingly.
  • In the group Activities always perform with your group.
  • Be like GentleStudents.
  • If you have any problem, ask your Invigilators do not discuss with the other candidate unless it required.

In order to prepare for the SSB Interview in a better manner. Join the Major Kalshi Classes, get trained and make yourself eligible to crack the Interview.

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