4 Effective Steps to Clear CDS Written Exam in 2022

4 Effective Steps to Clear CDS Written Exam:- The written examination of Combined Defence Services, which is conducted twice a year by the Union Public Service Commission, is going to be conducted soon. Aspirants are working hard and studying continuously to make the last-minute written exam preparation even better. Different candidates will have different types of exam-related strategies to qualify for the exam. Out of which some of the candidates will crack the CDS written examination and will be ready to serve the nation in the future. If you are yet to start preparing better for the written exam of CDS and you don’t know how to prepare better for the exam then this article will be important for you. In today’s article, we will tell you how you can get better results in exams like CDS. Along with this, we will give you information about effective steps from some apps so that you can easily crack the written exam of CDS. Let us go and tell you how to improve your preparation to crack the CDS exam.

4 Effective Steps to Clear CDS Written Exam in 2022

The candidates who appear in the Combined Defence Services exam are after completing their graduation or are in the final year of graduation. By now they have come to know what kind of strategy has to be prepared to crack any examination. But to get success in an exam like CDS, you not only have to prepare a better exam strategy but it is also important to keep the information related to the written exam. Here we will give you information about four such effective tips by which you can improve your exam preparation. These 4 effective steps are as follows:-

  1. Full details of Exam Syllabus and Pattern
  2. best books for exam related subjects
  3. Proper timetable for all subjects of examinations
  4. Monitor your preparation with frequent exam mock tests

Here are four such tips by which you can prepare better for your exam. Let us now give you detailed information about the above four steps and tell you how you can include them in your preparation.

Full Details of Exam Syllabus & Pattern: –

To crack an exam like CDS, the candidates need to know the syllabus and pattern of the exam. If you are aware of the syllabus of exams like CDS, then you must know that the questions asked in these are of graduation level. We are giving you detailed information about the CDS syllabus and its pattern. You can get information about the syllabus and pattern of the CDS exam by looking at the table given below. Steps to Clear CDS Written Exam

CDS Exam: – Exam Pattern of IMA, INA, OTA, and Indian Air Force

Paper-IEnglish1201002 Hr.
Paper-IIElementary Mathematics1001002 Hr.
Paper-IIIGeneral Knowledge1201002 Hr.

CDS Exam Pattern for CDS Office Training Academy (OTA):-

Paper-IEnglish1201002 Hr.
Paper-IIGeneral Knowledge1201002 Hr.

You can visit the Major Kalshi Classes official website for the above-given syllabus and pattern in PDF format and also for the information related to each subject. Steps to Clear CDS Written Exam.

Best Books for Exam Related Subject: –

You must have the best books to prepare for the subjects related to the exam. By continuously studying the books, not only do you improve your preparation but you also prepare your reading level better. There are many books available in the market related to the written exam of CDS. But which book can bring you success in the written examination, only you can choose it by the continuous study of books. But if you want to avoid studying many books, and then get the books related to CDS published by Major Kalshi Classes.

These books are the better and best books for the CDS written exam. This book has been prepared with utmost precision keeping in mind the syllabus and pattern of the exam. By studying this book prepared under the guidance of experienced teachers and observing previous years’ question papers, you can complete your exam preparation in less time. You can also get the books published by the MKC coaching institute online sitting at home. For information related to books and to order the book sitting at home, you can order it by downloading the link given below or the learning application of Major Kalshi Classes.

Proper Time Table for All Subjects of Examination: –

You need to prepare a proper timetable for all the subjects that you have to prepare according to the syllabus and pattern. To get success in the CDS exam, make sure to give time to all the subjects in your timetable. Most of the time you need to devote yourself to Current Affairs, General Awareness, and English subjects. Because for the preparation of these subjects you need to read more and more and read different types of newspapers. For the English subject, you will have to find 9 words every day and work hard to use their sentences and strengthen the grammar part. You have to include a fixed time for each subject and extra time for their revision.

You can use MKC coaching instituteMobile Learning Application for a proper timetable for the written exam of CDS. Here you will get a proper timetable for each subject and live classes related to them are being organized continuously. You can download the MKC coaching instituteMobile Learning Application by visiting the Google Play Store. By using this you can get a proper timetable for your written exam and facility of online classes.

Join Mock Test: –

To ensure 100% success in the written examination, you must continuously solve the previous year’s question papers of the examination. Along with this, you also need to keep in mind how much preparation has been done for each subject that you have prepared. You can be a part of many online mock tests to check your preparation. Continuously doing mock tests of the CDS exam and self-observation based on the preparation done makes you aware of your strengths and weaknesses. With this, you can improve your weak part even more. Major Kalshi Classes conduct mock tests of the exam both online and offline.If you want to make an overview of your studies through these mock tests, then register yourself in the coaching institute and become a part of these mock tests. Download MKC coaching institute learning Application to connect with daily current affairs mock tests or mock tests of each topic online.

  1. MKC Learning App
  2. MKC Test Prep App

In today’s article, we have given you some important steps to prepare for the Combined Defence Services written exam to be held on April 10. Hope you will join the MKC coaching institute to make your written exam preparation even better by taking advantage of the information given by us. Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute not only helps you prepare for the written exam but also prepares your entire exam preparation in the coaching campus. To join the MKC coaching institute and get other information related to CDS, visit the link of the official website given below or call on the contact number. 4 Effective Steps to Clear CDS Written Exam.

Frequently Asked Question:-

Who conducts the written exam of CDS and what is the date of the written exam in the year 2022?

Combined Defence Services ie CDS exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year. In 2022, the written exam of CDS will be conducted on 10th April 2022.

What are the topics asked in the written exam of CDS?

In the written exam of CDS, candidates are asked questions from English, Elementary Mathematics, and General Knowledge.

Which academies are selected through the CDS exam?

Through the Combined Defence Service application form, candidates are selected in the INA of the Indian Navy, IMA of Military, AFA of Air Force. Apart from this, candidates are selected for Officers Training Academy.

What do candidates do to qualify for the Combined Defence Services written exam?

To crack the written exam of CDS, the candidates must study the books related to the exam, give mock tests continuously, be under the guidance of excellent teachers. Along with this, candidates should also keep reading the best books related to the exam.

Do any coaching institutes conduct an online mock test for the written exam of CDS?

In today’s time, many coaching institutes conduct mock tests of written exams of CDS on their online platform. You can access the online platform of Major Kalshi Classes to get mock tests as well as study materials for the written exam of CDS

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