Squadron Leader Aashritha V Olety is the First Women Flight Test Engineer.

Squadron Leader Aashritha V Olety:- This is a proud moment for all the Indians that a woman has passed from the pilot school and become the first women flight Test Engineer of India. She is from Karnataka and holds this position after graduated from the Pilot School of India. She went through the one-year hard training and after passing she is appointed as the Flight Test Engineer. She is the only woman who holds this position in Indian Air Force. Major Kalshi Classes congratulate her on her success.

Women are breaking barriers, and MKC is so proud of each one of them. In yet another first for women in the armed forces, Squadron Leader Aashritha V Olety graduated as the first woman flight test engineer in India from the Air Force Test Pilot School. Here is her pic.

Squadron Leader Aashritha V Olety

In her new role as a flight test engineer, she will assess aircraft and airborne systems before they are inducted into the armed forces. She was part of the 43rd Flight Test Course and Systems Testing Establishment (ASTE). 

Air Force Test Pilots School (AFTPS) is a part of the Aircraft and Systems Testing Establishment, a premier unit of the Indian Air Force (IAF). AFTPS is one of the select few Test Pilot Schools across the world that produce test pilots and flight test engineers.

Career Options for Girls in Defence Sector

She finished a one-year course from the Air Force Test Pilot School and graduated as a part of the forty-third Flight Test Course. She became the first and the only woman in the history of IAF to ever qualify as a flight test engineer.

Excluding the medical wing in which women have been serving for decades, the army accounts for 6,807 women officers, the IAF 1,607 and the navy has 704 women officers. Women still form a small part of the military 0.56% of the army, 1.08% of the air force and 6.5% of the navy.

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