Sea Dragon 2022 Exercise: India join this Exercise along with Canada and South Korea

To further improve the Indian Navy’s warfare exercise, the Seventh Fleet of the US Navy has announced in a statement that they will conduct war exercises with 6 countries in the Indo-Pacific regions. Starting from 5 January 2022, this level exercise is known as Sea Dragon 22.

Multinational participating Indo-Pacific countries include Australia, the United States of America, India, Canada, South Korea, and Japan. In this joint multi-national exercise Dragon 22, the US Navy carried P-8A Poseidon aircraft from Maritime Patrol Squadron Golden Swordsmen and Tridents, a US Navy aircraft. They will also be involved.

Short information of Sea Dragon 22 Exercise

  • Name of exercise: –Sea Dragon 22 or Sea Dragon 2022
  • Champion Start form: – 5 January 2022
  • Includes Countries: – 6 Countries (Australia, the United States of America, India, Canada, South Korea, and Japan)
  • Types  of Army Includes:– Air Force and Navy
  • Last Year Winner: –Royal Canadian Air Force (Canada)
  • Winner Title: –Dragon Belt
  • Sea Dragon 2022 In charge: – Lieutenant Commander Bridge Kennedy (United States of America)

The US Navy Commander has said in our statement that the Golden Squadron Man of VP 47, included in Commander Task Force 72, is currently stationed at Misawa Airbase in Aomori, Japan. He will also be included in this exercise. In addition, he served on VP 26 Dry Dates, which is part of Commander Task Force 72 and is based in Jacksonville, Florida, and is stationed at Kadena Air Base, Okinawa, Japan.

In this Sea Dragon 22 exercise, they will conduct reconnaissance, sea patrol, and theatre outer reach operations inside the Seventh Fleet area for operations throughout the deployment, according to a US Navy statement.

What is Sea Dragon 22 :-

The Sea Dragon 22 exercise among 6 multinational nations commencing from 5 January 2022 will focus on anti-submarine warfare training and their excellence. During this mission, submarines are trained to track down simulated targets and monitor real targets, to how to keep an eye on American submarines. For this exercise, new strategies are developed and discussed during training by pilots and flight officers of all submarine aircraft around the world. By which it is known how skilful and excellent is the equipment used in their countries.

Lieutenant Commander Bridge Kennedy, who has been appointed as the officer in charge of Sea Dragon 2022, said he is very much looking forward to this exercise session. He expressed his gratitude for having deeper ties with Japan, Australia, India, Canada, and South Korea. They have pointed out that with the continued use of this exercise, the continuous expansion of different countries and their complexity can be better understood. Together with this exercise, the technology, strategy, and procedures of anti-submarine warfare training of submarines can be better developed. During the Sea Dragon 2022 exercise, the country, which will achieve the best performance and score more points, will be awarded the coveted Dragon Belt. Let us tell you that the champion who won this Dragon Belt last year was the Royal Canadian Air Force. And this year they will be practising to defend their title.

Training for real submarine detection

Before the training, the Commander of the Maritimes Self Defence Force (Japan) made a statement that it is an annual multinational high-end anti-submarine warfare training exercise. To further improve this training, he said that ground training should also be included in this training so that the actual submarine can be identified even at the ground level. By doing this they will be able to further strengthen and improve their tactical skills. The Air Force and Navy of six countries will cooperate together through this training starting from 5 January 2022. Due to which the combat skills of different countries and their intentions can be better understood.

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