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Revealing the Facts about the SSB Interview

First, let’s clear the most argued or heated topic of discussion which questions whether Allahabad is an SSB rejection centre or not? It should be known that 1)Allahabad centre is the largest board in terms of selections and it assimilates other SSBs that works under this one supreme board or in other words, Selection Centre East, Allahabad has the unique privilege of hosting multiple Service Selection Boards and 2)All SSBs in India ensures same standard of selection of candidates which is assured by Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR). It is natural to assume that multiple SSBs often results in more rejection, but all selections are also same. Its just that the volume of candidates appearing in this centre are huge in numbers and nothing else. All that matters at the end is that whether the dexterity and skill set of that candidate matches to that level of acceptance or not. It is simply an excuse given by unaccepted candidates that got aired and got popular.

A rather beguiling and somewhat depressing fact of the SSB interviews are that their selection is limited which means that they cannot select more than a fixed number of candidates no matter how much good other group of candidates are. Well, that is a lie because there have been cases where an entire batch of students somehow got unselected. SSBs are neither bound by anything nor depends on anyone.

The fact that rejected candidates cannot get selected ever again is also not true. Candidates are analysed independently every-time. They just need to improve vicariously and efficiently without any stoppage of any kind.

SSB interviews rejects those candidates that doesn’t responds naturally to any given circumstance.

Many candidates think that if they prepare for all pictures, words and situation reaction tests and write the same during the actual interview they will get selected. What is expected of a candidate is to write the first natural response that came to his mind. If you write coached response, then you will be caught as you might reflect that you are a responsible candidate through the psychological tests but in GTO test it could be possible that you don’t reflect your sense of responsibility then you will surely not be recommended. If a candidate is naturally responsible then he will be responsible in Psychological, GTO and Personal Interview also there will be no contradiction.

Having a good command over English can be helpful but it is not the final parameter on which the students are judged for the selection. English is something that one can learn with time and that is excused if there is enough determination to do what has come for.

Many candidates think that the officers’ keeps a watch on the candidates right from the railway station, but this is not true. A candidate’s actual test is done during the testing procedure only. However, if you get into some serious trouble at the railway station and the matter gets escalated to the officers of the selection board then this might give the assessor an idea about your personality.

Usually, it has been seen that students who score very high marks are nerds because they devote their entire energies in studies. Armed Forces are looking for practical and innovative leaders, who can perform tasks irrespective of limited resources and adverse situations. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are brainy or not, whether you have the highest marks on the written exam as it WILL NOT have an effect on your selections. It all depends on you only.

Candidates think that certain coaching academies have the exact same structure as various boards have and also, they have direct links to Service Selection Boards and candidates from a particular academy are given preference. Well, this is all garbage, no preference is given to any candidate from any academy, all candidates are treated equally. Even if you gain advanced knowledge of structures of GTO tasks even then there is no guarantee that you will be recommended.

Many Candidate thinks that to get recommended one needs to have all 15 OLQs. This is not true, in fact, if this criterion is adopted then only 10 candidates will be selected in a year. There are few qualities such as honesty and integrity on which no compromise will be made. However, if a candidate is average in few things such as organizing ability or stamina then he would probably get recommended because all these qualities can be incorporated into a candidate by training.

At times candidates who are not from defence background tends to think that the candidates with defence background i.e. parents of the candidate are in Army/Navy/Air Force gets some advantage. No such undue advantage is given to any candidate. But what happens is that as the candidate with defence background has their upbringing in defence environment they naturally develop some qualities such as punctuality and discipline. And for those qualities, one surely gets some edge over others. But no preference is given only for the fact that a candidate is from defence background.

SSBs are on the look-out of ‘Would be Leaders’, who can effectively lead our Armed Forces into battle. Hence the selection is done purely on the basis of “Officers like Qualities” (OLQ) embedded in the personality of the candidate. As a matter of fact, leadership of a person can be enhanced by good training and personality grooming, not by coaching or spoon feeding the way textbooks are taught for a written Exam. Since every candidate in India is well versed in Coaching in various subjects, throughout the academic period, he/she thinks that coaching is the only way to prepare for SSB. Many Coaching Academies cash-on this psyche of the candidate and do roaring business. If you want to be successful in SSB you have to undergo a meaningful and intensive training programme by expert trainers, who are former SSB Assessors.

Also, an important note that from a group of aspirants, 5-7 candidatescan get selected asthere is no fixed number that a GTO must stick to for recommending a candidate.


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