NDA Preparation: Top 20 Tips for NDA Exam 2022

Aspirants work tirelessly to prepare for the National Defence Academy, the toughest exam of the Indian Armed Forces. For this, the candidates get success in the exams like NDA with continuous hard work for many years. If you want to work as an officer in Indian Air Force, Army and Navy then you also need to work hard. The National Defence Academy exam is a national-level exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. Which is organized all over India. The application forms for this exam are issued by UPSC twice a year. In today’s article, we are giving you some special tips for NDA 2022 preparation. With the help of which you will be able to crack even tough exams like NDA easily. Let us know what are the top 20 tips for NDA exam preparation that will help you to get success in this examination.

NDA Preparation: Top 20 Tips for NDA Exam 2022

Now we will give you information about 20 Tips for NDA Preparation, by following which you can prepare better for your exam and ensure your success.

  1. Correct knowledge about the exam
  2. Searching for better coaching institute
  3. Choosing the right books to study
  4. The attention of Exam Syllabus
  5. Preparation of schedule for the examination
  6. Prepare your basic subject first
  7. Pay more attention to English subject
  8. Preparing for General Knowledge
  9. To be more focused on Mathematics subject
  10. Checking your preparation daily
  11. Check weekly and monthly exam preparation
  12. Solve previous years question papers
  13. Participate repeatedly in mock tests
  14. Be physically healthy too
  15. Do strenuous exercise also
  16. Prepare for the exam both offline and online
  17. Keep revising continuously
  18. Follow short trick
  19. Keep Positive Thinking
  20. Stay away from other negative things

Brief information of Top 20 Tips for NDA Exam 2022

  1. Correct knowledge about the exam: – Your very first duty is to know all the aspects of the exam you are going to start preparing for.Having a lot of information like exam patterns, application form filling process, etc. can save you time and money.NDA exam is much tougher than other armed forces exams.You are not sure if you will be successful in this exam on the first attempt.So it becomes necessary for you to know that if you are starting your preparation for the exam then you need to know every aspect of the exam.
  2. Searching for a better coaching institute:- If you are trying for your exam preparation then you also need the best coaching institute Where you can prepare for your exam under the guidance of the best teachers.By enrolling in a coaching institute, you can give a new twist and a new impetus to your exam preparation.
  3. Choosing the right books to study: – To prepare for the National Defence Academy, you need to choose the right type of books related to the syllabus of the exam.If you have chosen the right and best book for exam preparation then your success will be 100% sure.To buy books equipped with accurate and best syllabus and prepare for the exam sitting at home, you can register and order books related to your syllabus by visiting the official website of Major Kalshi Classes.
  4. The attention of Exam Syllabus: – To ensure success in any exam, it is very important to know the exam pattern and syllabus of that exam.Starting preparation according to the syllabus exam pattern helps you to acquire maximum knowledge in less time.Knowing the Exam Syllabus and Exam Pattern for NDA Exam Preparation will ensure your success.To know about the complete NDA Exam Syllabus and Pattern, you can click on the link given below.
  5. Preparation of schedule for the examination:-The syllabus of NDA examinations is relatively wide.You need to prepare a definite schedule for each subject before you start preparing for the exam.Questions are asked in the exam from many subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, and Current Affairs.All the topics of each subject can be covered properly so scheduling your time and preparing accordingly ensures your success.
  6. Prepare your basic subject first: –To prepare for NDA, you need to prepare that basic subject before you can improve your success.To prepare for the exam, you should first choose the subject in which you can achieve more concentration.In the beginning, first of all, start studying the basic subjects. So that, the ability to solve other high-level questions can be awakened within you.You can get the basic topics and their syllabus for NDA preparation by clicking on the link given below.
  7. Pay more attention to English subject: – English is considered the most important subject in NDA preparation.The question paper of NDA consists of many questions from English subjects as well as interviews are conducted in the English language by the officers in the SSB interview as well.To be successful in English, you should spend most of the time correcting the grammar part of the English subject and make a habit of using them by discovering new words every day.
  8. Preparing for General Knowledge: – Tasks are given to know the general knowledge of the candidates at the time of written examination and group discussion of National Defence Academy.Many questions related to current affairs are present in the written examination, in which you need to be aware of all the policy and politics of the country and abroad to pass.To prepare for General Knowledge, you can get information from different types of newspapers and news broadcast on TV every day.
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  9. To be more focused on Mathematics subject: – As more emphasis is given on English subject for NDA preparation, in the same way, Mathematics subject is also one of the important subjects for NDA.According to your timetable, schedule the time to devote maximum time to the subject of Mathematics.This subject is a much bigger subject which requires maximum time and concentration also.
  10. Checking your preparation daily: – How much did you learn in all the subjects you prepare each day and how much more do you still need to learn. To check all these, you need to go through all the topics prepared by you every day and revise the questions related to them.By doing this, you will not have any kind of dilemma in observing the preparation done by you every day and the preparation can be done in a better way.
  11. Check weekly and monthly exam preparation: – Give a maximum of 1 week time to anyone topic in dual from your time.So that you can cover more and more topics every month. You can take a self-test for each topic you finish each week.Thus in a month, you can solve one sample paper for each topic that you have prepared.The sample papers should be according to your topic.You can better check the preparation for all the aspects of that topic.
  12. Solve previous years’ question papers: – You must solve many previous years’ question papers to make the last stage of preparation even better.Try to solve all the questions according to the time limit given in the question paper.By doing this you will be able to solve the question paper within the given time limit.
  13. Participate repeatedly in mock tests: – You must take part in the mock tests conducted by different coaching institutes.Doing this increases your chances of clearing the concepts in the exam.You will get a better idea about the question-solving process and how to solve more and more questions in less time.You can also solve mock tests of different coaching institutes online.
  14. Be physically healthy too: – Along with doing academic work, you will also need to improve your physical activities.For NDA preparation, you will also need to do daily running, exercise, etc.By doing this, concentration in your academic work and any kind of distortion in the body does not arise.
  15. Do strenuous exercise also: – During NDA preparation, there is no tension in your body, so you should do some such exercises in which your stamina is better.Candidates also need to prepare physically during the SSB interview. Therefore, the candidate must choose separate times for academic work and physical work.
  16. Prepare for the exam both offline and online: – If you are preparing for the exam by staying at home, then you must prepare for your exam both offline and online. By doing this, each of your topics will be better prepared, and more and more topics will be cleared in less time.
  17. Keep revising continuously: – As the exam is approaching, candidates are not able to prepare their syllabus properly.So the candidates keep revising all their subjects before the exam.In this way, they can solve all their topics well and can improve their doubts again and again on each topic.
  18. Follow short trick: – You must have a short trick to solve all the questions of the mathematicssubject. By doing this you will be able to solve more and more questions in less time. You can visit MajorKashi Classes Coaching Institute’s YouTube channel for maths short tricks and better preparation for maths.
  19. Keep Positive Thinking: – You need to have a positive attitude while preparing for the exam and reaching the exam center and solving the question paper. By doing this energy is transmitted in your brain which helps in boosting the syllabus prepared by you even more.
  20. Stay away from other negative things: – The candidates who have lost by preparing for exams like NDA and have not beenselected. If these candidates are giving you negative knowledge in any way then stay away from all this knowledge and keep improving your syllabus and your exam preparation.

Frequently Asked Question:-

How to do NDA Preparation?

To do NDA preparation, you need to have a positive attitude and knowledge of every topic of the syllabus.

Can I prepare for NDA sitting at home?

Yes, you can prepare for NDA even sitting at home. For this, you will have to prepare your process both offline and online.

Which books are better for NDA?

You can go through the books published by Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute to ensure success in the NDA exam.

How many times in a year and who conducts the NDA exam?

NDA exam is conducted by UPSC twice a year.

Can female candidates also apply for the NDA exam?

Women candidates can also apply in the NDA exam from the year 2021

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Can female candidates also apply for the NDA exam?
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