MNS Medical Criteria 2022. Know the Detail Process.

MNS Medical Criteria 2022:- In almost all the examinations of the Indian Armed Forces, candidates have to appear for a medical test. Every year candidates fill out the application form for the posts of Doctors, Officers, Soldiers, etc. in the Indian Armed Forces. After the application form, it becomes mandatory for the candidates to fulfil the medical criteria according to the different examinations. Medical examinations conducted in the Indian Armed Forces are conducted by army doctors in military hospitals in the defence sector. In the MNS examination (Military Nursing Service Examination) conducted for women in the Indian Defense System, the candidate also has to give a medical examination.

Today we are going to give you information about all the medical criteria required for the Nursing Service of the Indian Armed Forces. Along with the detailed information about MNS Medical Criteria 2022, you will also get important information related to the preparation for the exam. Let us know who can apply for the Military Nursing Service exam and what medical criteria they have to go through.

Selection Process of MNS Exam:-

To fill out the application form for the Military Nursing Service of the Indian Armed Forces, a female candidate must have passed class 12th with Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and English as a subject. Only those candidates can fill out this application form that fulfils the medical criteria of Indian citizens and the Military Nursing Service. Let us know how the selection process of MNS is.

  • Filling in the application form appearing in the written test.
  • Appearing in MNS Personal Interview (PI).
  • Physical and Medical Test Criteria.
  • Final Merit List.

After the above steps, the candidates are selected for the Nursing posts in the Military Nursing Service Department of the Indian Armed Forces. Brother, do you know that which medical test is mandatory for women to pass for MNS entry.

MNS Medical Criteria 2022:-

The medical criteria sought in MNS in the Indian Armed Forces are not more difficult than other tests. If your body is healthy and you are completely not troubled by other physical ailments then you can easily fulfil this medical criterion. Given below is the list of tests to be conducted for the Indian Armed Forces MNS Medical Criteria and their required criteria.

  • The minimum weight of the applying candidate should be between 39 to 40 kg.
  • The minimum height of the candidate should be 148 cm.
  • For male candidates, the chest should be 77 cms without expansion and 82 cms with the expansion of at least 5 cms.
  • There is no chest criterion for female candidates.
  • The number of teeth in the mouth is 14 dental points.
  • Applicants should not have any genetic disease in their bodies.
  • Genetic diseases like knee pain, colour blindness, night blindness, etc. should not have in the candidate.
  • The bone structure of your body should be correct.
  • When straightening the water of the hands, the elbow should not make an angle of more than 15 degrees in the outward direction.
  • All the joints and bones of your body should be completely healed.
  • Serious fractures that are permanent in any bone of the body are not considered.

The medical criteria for all the above-mentioned physical tests have been determined considering the external body composition of the candidates only. If the candidate is not able to fulfil the above medical criteria, then he will not be inducted into the army by MNS.

MNS Medical Criteria 2022 (Internal Medical Check-Up)

To examine the internal organs of the body, some tests and tests are done by the doctors in the hospitals of the Indian Armed Forces. Know which tests are done to examine the internal organs.

  • Chest X-ray to examine the candidate’s lungs.
  • Ultrasound to check for kidney stones.
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  • Examination of blood collection samples for tests related to liver problems.
  • Blood test.
  • Collection of a blood sample for the urine test.

The Medical Criteria of MNS examine not only the internal and external bodies of the candidates but also the diseases related to the eyes. Let us know what are the medical criteria a candidate has to follow for an eye examination.

  • If the candidate is not using spectacles, then the eyesight should be 6/6.
  • Should not have colour blindness or night blindness.
  • If spectacles are being worn by the candidate, the candidate’s vision should not be poor more than 6/12.
  • Binocular vision III.
  • The maximum limit should be 0.75 D for candidates who have myopia and 1.5 D for those who have hypermetropia.
  • Limits for colour perception I.

Rejection Criteria for MNS Medical Test 2022

All these criteria of the Indian Armed Forces are mandatory for the medical criteria of MNS. If the body of the candidate is of average weight and height and is not suffering from any serious disease, then they can also easily fulfil these medical criteria. If any type of deformity in the body of the candidate is found to be lacking in the medical examination, then it is rejected by the Medical Board. For this, candidates can once again apply for a physical test. Two types of approval are given to the candidates by the medical board today.

  1. First Provisional Rejection: – In this rejection is given by the Medical Board in case of minor deformity in the body of the candidates.
  2. Second Permanent Rejection: – In this rejection, any serious disease or deformity in the body of the candidates is rejected by the Medical Board.

If you have a temporary disease or deformity in your body, then after correcting this problem, you can again appear for medical examination within 45 days, 90 days maximum of 160 days.

Best coaching institute for medical checkups:-

For the Medical Checkup of Military Nursing Service, candidates can also get medical checkups done from the coaching institute where they are preparing for their interest exam. But there are many such coaching institutes where there is no facility for medical checkups. Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute located in Allahabad Prayagraj is one such coaching institute in the country that along with academic activities also prepares for medical and physical tests. MKC Health Care Center has been set up to facilitate Major Kalshi Classes Medical Checkups for female candidates preparing for Military Nursing Service. In this health care centre, you get the following facilities.

  • Collection of blood samples for physical examination of female candidates under the guidance of retired army doctors.
  • If there is an internal disturbance, ultrasound, and MRI tests are available here.
  • Modern facilities like X-ray facilities check for deformities in the bones of the body.
  • Pathology centre facility for urine and blood test.
  • The facility of the best doctors in the Allahabad region for an eye examination.
  • Physical training facility under the guidance of retired army trainers and best trainers of Allahabad region to prepare the candidate physically.

The above facilities are made available to you to make you successful in the medical criteria of MNS.In addition to this Major Kalshi Classes coaching institute also provides you with the following facilities.

  • Conduct of Mock Interview by Retired Officer of Indian Armed Forces for the preparation of Personal Interview.
  • Newspapers, magazines, and current affairs textbooks in the coaching institute to stay up to date Publication of books to provide the best education for MNS preparation.
  • Conducting online classes by a team of excellent teachers to prepare for the exam sitting at home.
  • The syllabus starts with a maximum number of 90 students for each batch in the classroom.
  • Facility to explain syllabus in both Hindi and English languages ​​in the classroom by excellent teachers.
  • Online delivery facility for studying by ordering books sitting at home.
  • Test facility through sample papers and assignments every week, month, and last minute of the exam.
  • Formation of a Swiss school to speak English fluently through an English speaking course.
  • Hostel facility equipped with all facilities for the preparation of the examination by staying in the coaching campus for the candidates living far away.
  • Library facility also.

Well equipped with the above facilities, Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute remains the best coaching institute of the order. If you want to get your MNS preparation and medical check-up done by staying in the same coaching institute then enrol yourself in Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute today. To join Major Kalshi Classes you can use the below-given contact number and official website. Apart from this, if you want, you can join MKC to prepare yourself for MNS by downloading MKC Learning Application from Google Play Store.

Frequently Asked Question:-

  • Is there a medical checkup cutting of Military Nursing Service?
    Ans: –
    The medical check-up taken for MNS service is not difficult. If you are on average healthy then you can probably qualify for MNS medical checkup.
  • Get admission to any coaching institute for MNS medical check-up?
    Ans: -You MKC get yourself registered for MMS Medical Checkup.
  • Is the facility of medical checkups available in coaching institutes along with exam preparation?
    Ans: -Along with academic preparation, medical facilities are also not available in many coaching institutes in the country. For this, you get your registration done in the MKC coaching institute.
  • Does MKC coaching institute provide online preparation for MNS?
    Ans: –
    Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute conducts online classes for the preparation of MNS.
  • How to prepare for MNS with MKC Learning Application?
    Ans: –
    To prepare for Military Nursing Service with the MKC learning application, you have to register yourself and attend the classes to be organized for MNS.
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