NDA Physical Standard 2022 with complete Medical Test

NDA Physical Standard 2022:- National Defence Academy is a great entry to join the Indian Armed Forces. Through this application, lakhs of candidates from across the country who are 12th class students or have passed 12th class fill the application form to join the Indian Armed Forces. But some candidates qualify NDA written exam academically but they are not fit for medical and physical. After all, what is there in NDA’s Physical Standard and Medical Test that not all candidates can easily do?

In today’s article, we are going to give you detailed information about NDA Physical Standard 2022 with Complete Medical Test. Before going through this important information let us know how you present yourself for the NDA exam.

National Defence Academy ie NDA is an important exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. Through this exam, a candidate gets an appointment to the post of an officer in the Indian Armed Forces. One has to work very hard to make the journey from a normal candidate to an officer.NDA exam conducted by UPSC is conducted twice a year. The written exam of NDA 1 of the year 2022 is to be conducted on 10th April 2022. After which the candidate will have to get his physical and medical examination done. Let us know how your selection process is completed by NDA.

NDA Selection Process:-

The process of getting selected for the Indian Armed Forces through the National Defence Academy is simple. But for this, the candidate needs to prepare for the exam with hard work and dedication. The selection process for National Defence Academy is as follows.

  • The candidate has to first fill out the application form of NDA conducted by UPSC.
  • After that, the written examination of NDA is organized by UPSC.
  • The candidate who has qualified in the written exam is called for an SSB interview.
  • During the SSB interview, a physical test is conducted for the selected candidates.
  • Along with the physical test, medical check-ups are conducted in the hospitals of the Indian Armed Forces.
  • The final merit list of the candidates who are successful in the above steps is prepared after which they are sent to the academy for training.

Through the above process, candidates get selected as officers of the Indian Armed Forces. Let us know what are the physical standards a candidate has to fulfill to be successful in NDA.

NDA Physical Standard 2022:-

The minimum age of the candidate should be 16.5 years to fill out the application form for the NDA of the Indian Armed Forces. At the same time, the candidate also needs to keep in mind the category-wise height and weight this time. The table below contains the physical standards required for Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and Indian Army.

Physical standard for Air Force and Indian Army (Male and Female both)
Height for The Air Force and Army (in centimetres)Weight in kilograms (16 to 17 years)Weight in kilograms (17to 18years)Weight in kilograms (18to 19years)
Physical standard for Indian Navy (Male and Female both)
Height for Navy (cm)Weight (16 years)Weight (18years)Weight (20years)

Physical criteria for the Indian Airforce

For the Air Force Department of the Indian National Defence Academy’s physical standard, candidates have to meet certain other physical standards. To become a pilot or wing officer in the Indian Air Force, the candidate must fulfil the criteria given in the table below.

Sit and heightMax. 644 cm
Thigh-length81.50 cm – 96 cm
Leg length99 cm- 120 cm

Eyes vision criteria for NDA 2022

To get into the Indian Air Force, Navy and Army, candidates also need to pay more attention to their eyes. Candidates are rejected by the medical officers of the army in case of any type of eye-related problem. You can easily clear the NDA Medical Test if you have the standard of vision as per the table given below.

 Indian Navy and ArmyIndian air force
Vision without glasses6/66/6, 6/9
Vision with glasses6/66/6 (for hypermetropia only)
The extent of near vision defect-0.75Nil
Extent of far vision impairment+1.5 D+2.00 D
Color blindnessCP-I MLTCP-I MLT
Astigmatism +0.75 cyl
Shortsightedness N-5 (for each eye)
  • Candidates who use glasses permanently cannot apply to the Air Force.
  • It is considered ineligible to apply to the Air Force after LASIK surgery.
  • Candidates, who have undergone cataract surgery in their eyes, cannot even fill out this application form.
  • Candidates suffering from colour blindness are not eligible for the Air Force.

Disqualified criteria in NDA medical test

Candidates are considered ineligible to join the NDA due to some of the common diseases given below. Therefore, candidates are advised to get tested for the treatment of all these people before appearing in the medical test NDA.

  • Accumulation of wax in the ears.
  • Being underweight or overweight in the body
  • The proper shape of the chest is not
  • Crooked nose bone
  • Candidates suffering from hydrocele or phimosis
  • Piles
  • Tonsillitis
  • Gynecomastia
  • Varicocele

Rejection was due to internal and external diseases.

Due to the internal and external diseases given below, the candidates are not selected for the medical test of the NDA.

  • Enlargement of the liver
  • If the candidate is suffering from badness.
  • Candidates suffering from knee pain
  • A candidate with a hernia
  • Candidates suffering from skin disease
  • A candidate with scoliosis
  • If there is any kind of disease in the abdomen
  • When suffering from heart and blood-related diseases
  • When symptoms of any disease are found in the urine.
  • When the feet are flat

Candidates need to be careful about their physical and mental health before appearing in the NDA exam. Even the slightest of your carelessness affects your dreams and career. The NDA exam also consists of medical tests in addition to intelligence and physical ability. Therefore, the candidates need to pay attention to their health before appearing in the examinations like NDA. Major Kalshi Health Care Centre run by Major Kalshi Classes provides all kinds of facilities related to medical examinations for the candidates.

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Frequently Asked Questions:-

  • What are the tests in theNDA Medical Test??
    Ans: –
    In the medical test of the National Defence Academy, a thorough assessment of the external and internal organs of the candidates and their health status is checked.
  • Does a coaching institute conduct medical tests for defence?
    Ans:- Yes, get yourself enrolled at Major Kalshi Classes Health Care Centre today for all medical tests related to Defence.
  • If a person suffering from a chronic disease but does not show symptoms, then what happened can be selected?
    Ans: –
    He will be disqualified if symptoms appear during the medical test.
  • Can’t you go into the army even if there is a distortion in the structure of the hand and legs?
    Ans: –
    You cannot join the army even if there is any kind of minor to minor deformity.
  • What are the measures to keep the body healthy?
    Ans: –
    By eating a balanced diet and regular exercise in daily life, you can keep your body healthy and safe.
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