Marcos Commando Amit Singh Rana awarded “Shaurya Chakra”


Marcos Commando Amit Singh Rana awarded “Shaurya chakra” for his exemplary bravery and courage at two Operation Danna and Operation Shok baba where eight terrorists were killed.

He executed this operation with his associate Lieutenant commander Mahesh Kumar, who shot dead another terrorist at close proximity in extreme conditions.

The sailor was deployed in Jammu and Kashmir for ‘Operation Rakshak’ since May.

The president of India has yesterday awarded this award to Cdr. Amit Singh Rana.

Marcos Commando

Story of Shaurya:

In two, back-to-back operations, Op Danna & Shok Baba where eight foreign terrorists were eliminated, the sailor had performed exceptionally well.

In Op Danna, he as buddy of Lt Cdr Mahesh Kumar, shot dead one terrorist at extreme close quarters whilst giving cover to the Officer, who shot dead another terrorist.

On 20-21 Sep he was involved in Op Shok Baba alongwith 14 RR in a Cordon and Search Operation, where 5-6 terrorists were entrapped in a house at village Shok Baba.

Despite firing heavy calibre weapons and grenades, the terrorists remained protected in the mud house/ cow shed.

At this juncture, AS Rana and team volunteered to approach the cow shed with a heavy IED to destroy it.

As a heavy volume of fire was unleashed by the balance MARCOS, the brave soldier quickly manoeuvred and placed the IED at the cow shed.

Whilst manoeuvring in, he was fired upon but came out unscathed backed by close in cover fire by his buddy.

The cow shed was blown up by the IED and three terrorists inside were eliminated.

            During deployment for OP Rakshak in J&K, the sailor had participated in multiple operations.

During two such operations viz. OP Shok Baba and OP Danna, he displayed exemplary courage, tactical acumen and gallantry of very high order and played a vital role in neutralising the terrorists.

The sailor was instrumental in placing demolition charges under heavy fire from the terrorists which led to their successful elimination.

Further, he played a vital role in engaging terrorists at close range and kept them pinned down to allow the operation to progress further.

Indian Army has commended his role during both operations. For his selfless actions in dire circumstances, Amit Singh Rana, LME, 231243-N is recommended for the award of “Shaurya Chakra”

President Ram Nath Kovind on Wednesday approved 132 awards to Armed Forces Personnel and members of the paramilitary forces.

Ministry of Defence announced the military awards on the eve of Independence Day celebrations.

The awards include two Kirti Chakras, one Vir Chakras, 14 Shaurya Chakras, Eight bar to sena medals (gallantry), 90 sena medals (gallantry), Five nav sena medals (gallantry), Sena Vayu sena medals (gallantry) and Five Yudh Seva Medals.  

Operation Contribution to operation Shok Baba:

Lt. Cdr Ruchir Khajuria was the officer in charge of the team which undertook “operation Shok baba” which resulted in the neutralisation of five hardcore terrorists.

He tactically organised his team to provide effective fire on terrorists and also did not let them break cordon and escape.

The officer ensured multidirectional aimed fired at the hiding terrorists to keep them contained.

Marcos Commando

Other awardees:

Another Shaurya chakra awardee, Capt. Milind Mohan Mokashi from Karnataka, as commanding officer of INS Sumitra.

He was leading anti-piracy operations when it was diverted for “Operation Rahat” to evacuate Indian and foreign nationals from worn-torn Yemen in March – April 2015.

He sailed the ship safely out of harbour in a navigationally unsafe channel, despite shelling and bombardment all around.

His team evacuated 1,621 people, including 961 Indians, a few U.S. and Pakistani nationals from different ports of Yemen.

Cdr. Vikrant Singh, a deep-sea diver with Marcos, had been at the forefront of several major operations in which a total of five hardcore terrorists were eliminated in Jammu and Kashmir.

In February 2019, he led an operation which led to the elimination of two LeT terrorists

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