Lt Gen Tarun Kumar Aich Took over as the General Commanding Officer of the Trishakti Corps

LT. Gen Tarun Kumar Aich has taken over as the General Commanding Officer of the XXXIII Corps. The XXXIII Corps are popularly known as the Trishakti Corps.

Talking about LT. Gen Tarun Kumar Aich, he was commissioned in June 1986 into the 16th battalion of the Madras Regiment. He is an alumnus of NDA (National Defence Academy), Khadakvasla and IMA (Indian Military Academy), Dehradun.

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He holds a post-graduation degree in Defence and Strategic Studies from the Madras University. The General Officer has served in different terrains and holds a varied experience in service.

He was the Commander of his battalion at Siachen Glacier. He also commanded his battalion in the intense counter terrorism environment in the valley sector of Kashmir.

He was the commander of a brigade in the Western Theatre, part of the Strike Corps. Along with this he has commanded RAPID (Reorganised Army Plains Infantry Division) in the Desert sector.

The General Commanding Officer has commanded the prestigious High Altitude Warfare School at Gulmarg, after his service in the deserts.

Now I shall talk about the Trishakti Corps. XXXIII Corps is a corps in the Indian Army. This was re-raised in 1960 at Shillong. It was re-raised by LT. Gen Umrao Singh on 1st November 1960.

XXXIII Corps covered Sikkim in order to reduce IV corp’s responsibilities. The corps is based in Sukna, North Bengal near the city of Siliguri. The areas of responsibilities include North Bengal, Sikkim and Bhutan.

The coat of arms consists of a white horizontal band between two red bands (the standard formation sign background for corps in the Indian Army) with two crossed spears with wings in the foreground. The Corps HQ has an Indian Air Force air control unit attached to it, 3 TAC, commanded by a group captain. The corps has an organic Army Aviation Helicopter Squadron based at Sevoke flying the HAL Chetak. It is commanded by a full colonel.

The Trishakti Corps comprises of three mountain divisions i.e. 17th -Gangtok,20th -Binnaguri and 27th -Kalimpong.

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