Most Important Questions for CDS Examination

In CDS Combine Defence Service written examination General awareness section constitute very significant role in competitive exam as CDS exam is for those aspirants who wants to make their career in defence services and want to serve county as an officer.

As CDS provides golden opportunity for young male and female candidates to make their future bright. The main concern is to qualify written exam for that this blog will be very useful for you.

This blog will definitely workout to give you an idea about examination, we are here with some questions to provide you clear cut idea.

Starting with capital names of those countries which are hike in international affairs, you should always remember the name of these capitals. it can be asked in upcoming examination.

Country Capital
Tajikistan Dushanbe
Kazakhstan Astana
Turkmenistan Ashgabat
Uzbekistan Tashkent
Ukraine Live
Azerbaijan Baku
Georgia Tbilisi
Armenia Yerevan
Russia Moscow
Israel Jerusalem
Iran Tehran
Iraq Baghdad
Syria Damascus
Jordan Amman


cds exam

Now coming to section of History this will cover ancient history, medieval history and modern history. It Has Been Observed that the number of questions from world history are lesser than Indian history. So candidates are suggested to focus more over Gandhian Era and revolutionary moments of that time.
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Some important questions are listed below for your perusal:

  1. The battle in which British defeated French was – Battle of Vandivash
  2. The first Muslim president of Indian National Congress was – Badaruddin Tayabazi
  3. The doctrine of lapse was started by – Lord Dalhousie
  4. Who was thrice selected as the president of the Indian national congress – Dada Bhai Naroji
  5. The headquarter of Gadar Party was in – San Francisco
  6. Who is known as “the father of India’s unrest” – Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  7. Who raised the slogan “Inqualab Zindabad” – Bhagat Singh
  8. Dandi march was an act to show – Civil Disobedience
  9. Who was the political guru of Gandhiji – Sh. Gopal Krishna Gokhle
  10. The founder of forward block was – Subhash Chandra Bose
  11. Who proposed the name Pakistan – Chaudhary Rahmat Ali
  12. Aaga khan founded which party – All India Muslim League
  13. Who was involved with Kakori Conspiracy Case? – Abhinav Bharat
  14. The partition of Bengal was made effective on 16 October 1905 by– Lord Curzon
  15. The Congress split into moderates and extremists in the season of– Surat


Most Important Questions for CDS Examination

The questions related with sports events, prizes, captaincy etc are generally asked in examination. National and International events are in main focus during examination.

  1. The batsman who has recently become the first to score 10000 runs in T20 is – Chris Gayle of West Indies
  2. Who has won Monte Carlo Masters men’s singles for record 10th time – Rafael Nadal of Spain
  3. Which team has been ranked first in ICC T20 International team ranking – New Zealand
  4. Which Indian batsman has the record of Rahul Dravid house playing maximum balls in test – Cheteshwar Pujara, 525 Balls 202 Runs
  5. The official mascot of FIFA under 17 World Cup scheduled to be held in India is – Kheleo Clouded Leopard
  6. Fifth Hockey India League title 2017 is won by – Kalinga Lancers Beating Dabang Mumbai
  7. The winner of Syed Modi International Grand pix gold Women’s Single Title 2017 is – PV Sindhu
  8. Which team won Ranji Trophy in January 2017 – Gujarat Defeating Mumbai
  9. Who has won Australian Open women’s singles title 2017 – Serena Williams defeating Venus Williams
  10. Virat Kohli signed 100 Crore endorsement deal for 8 years with which sports apparel brand – Puma
  11. Which team has won T20 World Cup For Blind Tournament 2017 – India Defeating Pakistan
  12. Which Indian cricketer has become the first player to score double century in 4 consecutive test series – Virat Kohli
  13. Which country has been barred from 2017 summer world athletics championship in London – Russia
  14. Russian Grand Prix was recently won by – Valtteri Bottas
  15. Which country won 26th edition of Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Hockey tournament – Great Britain Defeating Australia.


Most Important Questions for CDS Examination

This section constitute many other sections such as Indian constitution, preamble, law enforcement and economics along with that questions related with GDP and repo rate are higher in demand. To provide you idea we are putting forward some questions that will used as references.

  1. Jana gana mana’ was adopted by the Constituent Assembly as the National Anthem of India on 24th January 1950 and was first sung on – 27th December, 1911
  2. The Supreme Court propounded ‘The Theory of Basic Structure of the Constitution’ in – Keshavananda Bharti Case
  3. The article that empowers the President to grant pardon is -72
  4. Where are disputes regarding election of President and Vice President filed and settled? – Supreme Court
  5. Who decides whether a Bill is a Money Bill or not – Speaker
  6. The first Chief Justice of India was – Harlal J. Kania
  7. The Mandal Commission for backward classes was set up in – 1978
  8. Who is empowered to nominate Anglo-Indian Community to Lok Sabha / Legislative Assembly? – President / Governor
  9. Who has the power to constitute a High Court to the Union Territory – Parliament
  10. Who is authorized to appoint the Chief Minister of Delhi? – Lieutenant Governor
  11. Who is empowered to nominate Anglo-Indian Community to Lok Sabha / Legislative Assembly? – President / Governor
  12. Where Mahatma Gandhiji did first tried ‘Satyagraha’? – South Africa
  13. What has been described as the ‘Indian Political Horoscope? -Preamble
  14. Shimla Agreement between India and Pakistan was signed in -1972
  15. The Panchsheel agreement between India and China was signed in – 1954

All the best warriors!!!

Be prepared for upcoming examination!

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