IMA Passing Out Parade 2019, in the presence of Defence Minister

Indian Military Academy (IMA), this is the Institute that trains the candidate to be a warrior. Many people have dreams of Joining the IMA, and to be Becomeofficer in the Indian Army. Here in this article, we will share with you the complete details of the IMA passing out parade 2019 or passing out parade of IMA and What Is passing out Parade we will also share with you some unknown facts about the Indian Military academy. To get the complete details about this to check out our complete article:-

IMA Passing Out Parade 2019, in the presence of Defence Minister:-

The passing out in the Indian military academy held after the Completing of the training of the Cadets and after these cadets become officers in the Indian Army in their respected fields. The last passing out parade was held in the year 2018 in the presence of the honorable defense Minister. The defense Minister of Indian had also joined this to encourage the confidence of the cadets. the defense minister also delivered a speech in favor of the Indian army and wished the passed out cadets fort their upcoming future.


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Passing out parade of IMA:-

What Is passing out Parade?

 Once you joined the IMA, you will be trained for Minimum three years and after completing of the training, you will become an officer in the Indian Army in the respected field. after the training, there is passing out parade which every cadet has to attend and they get their respected insignia and batches of officers after this parade. This is mandatory and every cadet has to attend this. This is also called the graduation parade in the Army Manner.

This Parade held every year, And all the cadets of the IMA who have completed their training join this Parade, right after this parade, they will get their respected batch and insignia and enroll themself in the Indian Army as an Officer. The parents of the cadets also come to see the performance of their son/daughter, this is a very proud moment for all the parents, see their son or daughter becoming an officer in the Indian Army. If you are a defense aspirant, you would have been understanding the feeling of this moment. You can see the videos of passing out parade on Youtube. All the cadets perform the Parade which seems like Different bodies with one soul.  They do it like, they are born to do this. Indian Military academy is known for giving the Warriors to the nation. The training inside the IMA is very tough and disciplined and all the cadets are trained themselves so hard to pass the semester or training test.


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For the training of the cadets, the Indian Army training board takes the cadets to the different locations and they do their camping and learn how to survive in the tough situation and these all the things are very enjoyable also if you love to do the adventurous things. To reach In the passing out parade all the cadets who are their the passing out parade gound they have done tremendous work to be there. they have created their passion into profession.

IMA passing out parade 2019:-

The Indian Military Academy is conducting the 142nd Passing out Parade on December 7 in Dehradun. The passing out parade is being held on the special occasion of Armed Forces Flag Day which is celebrated to honor the soldiers, sailors, and airmen of India. The passing out parade is all the same as I discussed above, here we will talk about the IMA parade 2019. All the rules and regulations of the parade would be the same as it was earlier, this time The defense minister of India has also joined to see the performance of the cadets. This is very important for all the cadets, They are freshly graduated, they can get to meet the defense minister and Army General, they also feel very good when you see that the defense minister and your senior officers are praising you for your beautiful performance.

The Defence Minister of India also delivered the speech in favor of the Indian Army, If you are living peacefully in the country, this is all because our soldiers are standing over there on the border” said, defense minister”. the power of the Indian Army and their work for the nation cannot be said or written in words, You can also watch passing out parade on the national television. This is parade is somethings where are all the Army lovers want to be there for once. If you want to join the Indian Army or IMA you can click on the given link below to get the complete details about the joining:-

How To Join IMA (Indian Military Academy), How to Get IMA?

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