JAI HIND, talking about joining the armed forces, there always exists an excitement in you all as to how are the training academies of defence inside out and aslo some of the facts like HOLIDAYS AND LEAVES FOR OTA CADETS


You get curious to know about the training sessions and the life of a cadet inside these defence training I’m here to clear one such curiosity of you all.

Read the full content to know about the HOLIDAYS AND LEAVES FOR OTA CADETS (Officers Training Academy), Chennai.

  1. Leave: Except for leave on medical or extreme compassionate grounds, no leave of absence is granted to Gentlemen Cadets during the period of training. However, they may be allowed to proceed on leave up to a maximum of 10 days on extreme compassionate ground, at the discretion of the Commandant.
  2.  Mid Term Break: The Gentleman Cadet proceeds for a Mid-Term Hike of one week duration after 11 weeks of training in the month of Mar/ Sep. The hikes are planned in such a manner that the Gentlemen Cadets get a refreshing break from the busy training schedule of OTA, Gaya. The hike is in fact part of training curriculum for the Gentleman Cadets. During the hikes, the Gentleman Cadets visit historical monuments, scientific centres, military installations, research and development institutes and places of tourist attraction. These activities inculcate confidence, mental robustness, team work, increase inquisitiveness, knowledge and foster adventure spirit which is an important part of their training.
  1.  Liberty: The Gentlemen Cadets can visit Gaya City and Bodh Gaya on Sundays and Holidays on Liberty, subject to meeting certain stipulations including attaining laid down standards in drill. However, certain places have been earmarked as Out of Bound for the Gentlemen Cadets and the same is briefed on arrival at the Academy.
  2. Term Break:The Gentlemen Cadets may be permitted to proceed home during the vacation subject to meeting certain laid down stipulations and at the discretion of the Commandant. The duration of the Term Break at the Academy is as under:
  3. Summer Vacation ( June-July) – Three weeks.
  4.  Winter Vacation (December-January) – Three weeks.

(e) Interview/ Examination:The Gentlemen Cadets are not permitted to appear for any interview or examination during the course of training (except SSB interview).

(f) Visitors: The Gentlemen Cadets are allowed to receive any visitor only after first four weeks of commencement of the term on Sundays/ Holidays as per the notified timings (the visitors will confirm the same from the Gentleman Cadet before arriving)

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