The Highlights of MKC Interactive session

An Interaction session was held at Madan Mohan Malviya Stadium on 10th June 2018 at 6 am. This session was organized to honour the Major Kalshi Classes students, who have qualified for the Indian Air Force X & Y groups. It was also to recognize their success and the hard work they have done to achieve this and also to provide an opportunity to the students, preparing themselves for their dream jobs at Major Kalshi Classes to get some tips from their seniors and get motivated.

The Highlights of MKC Interactive session

It was a perfect morning. The freshness and the pleasant weather worked as a great relief in the hot summers. Everyone looked so fresh and energized waiting for the chief guest Mr. Saurabh Singh, Director, Major Kalshi Classes. There was another huge attraction and crowd puller, RJ Govind of Red FM 93.5. Students were very excited to see him.

Other prominent people present at the venue were, Mr. Prakash Gupta, Center Head, Major Kalshi Classes and Physical Trainer Mr. Pawan Tiwari. The Faculty and staff of the institute was also present and there was no glimpse of anger or frustration of coming to work early on a Sunday morning, such is the employee satisfaction at Major Kalshi Classes thanks to the employee centric management, which is on its toes to listen to, help and support the staff round the clock. There are ample of opportunities for the staff to enhance their skills and grow professionally. MKC has a fair promotion procedure for all its employees.

The program started with the wise and kind words of renowned mathematician Mr. Prakash Gupta. He again showed his down to earth and easy going nature, by coming to the venue in a casual white T-Shirt with blue short sleeves and a black track pant. His hair was not combed, and swayed and swirled with the wind. Students love him for his calm, composed, sober, practical, realistic, reasonable and rational attitude.

The show stealer as usual was Mr. Saurabh Singh. As usual he was dressed to the occasion. His hair was made neatly. His acquaintances joke about him that, even if he is woken up at night, his hair will be nicely trimmed and combed. He interacted with each of the students who made Major Kalshi Classes proud, personally. He also awarded medals to each of these students.

The Highlights of MKC Interactive session

Following is the list of these bright and successful students:

  • Sandeep Chauhan (X Group)
  • Neeraj Kumar Singh (X Group)
  • Shivam Triphati (X Group)
  • Vinay Kumar Yadav (Y Group)
  • Satyendra Bajpayee (X Group)
  • Rajan Singh (X Group)
  • Shivam Pandey (X Group)
  • any many more..

While addressing the crowd, Mr. Singh expressed extreme happiness and pride over the selected students and shared valuable tips and trick with aspirants about how to achieve their goals. He formulated and explained, how to channelize your energy in the right direction to get the desired result. First and foremost one has to believe in them and the almighty and decide upon a goal with complete belief that I can achieve it.

After this, one has to recognize their potential and strengths. At this stage we can identify our weaknesses and use them in a way that they become our strength.

The Highlights of MKC Interactive session

Now it’s required that all the potential energy, belief and strength are put into action. This is the most important stage as there will be numerous distractions which will try to derail us from the path of our success. We would need to show exceptional resistance to remain on the track and ensure reaching the destination station. And this is how we will achieve the desired result.

After the function the only thing the attendees were feeling was sheer enthusiasm and positivity. The magical words of Defence Guru Saurabh Singh left an indelible imprint on the hearts and vigorous impact on the minds of the students. They got the best start they could have imagined for a Sunday, motivated to work hard towards achieving their goals.

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