JAI HIND, Airforce aspirants. I know that all of my dear aspirants have been eagerly waiting for their results of the written examinations. Time and again we were provided with dates for the declaration of results, but still we have nothing in our hands. HASHTAG CAMPAIGN

We were provided with false dates, which led to us developing false hopes.

But, now the seriousness of this matter has gone far beyond tolerance. A number of my aspirants await their results and their enrollment lists. Their hopes are being crashed, now and then by fake news and posts. Firstly, I would request the people posting fake dates to please stop this. You are just hurting the aspirants who are already dealing with a lot of problems-they have no answers to the questions of their family members, relatives, friends, mates and others. Now, we actually have to do something for our dear students.

I along with my family of Major Kalshi Classes have taken the initiative to raise a voice in your favor. I will definitely go to all extents to spread this fact that there are a lot of students out there who have long waited for their results and enrollment list. I will make your voices heard.

Country needs to know that apart from politics and other social issues there are students too, who are willing to be a part of the Armed Forces but have no other choice but to wait.

I would request all my Youtuber friends and aspirants who run a channel on a serious note to come forward and take the initiative to spread this issue.

Use all of the platforms available to put forward your voice.

We have a number of social media platforms to spread awareness and raise our voice, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter. I request all of our aspirants and other students too to take a step forward, we are here to support you.

After these social media platforms, news channels are the biggest platform that needs to recognize and publish your problems and current situation.

All I will say is, let us all start a campaign, that will turn into a revolution.

 Let us make this our objective to reach out to air force in all possible ways and demand what we deserve. Let us post pictures, articles, videos, viral them to such an extent that now CASB feels the need to take a step. We need clarity now, we are already dealing with a lot of fake news, updates and notifications, now we need something for real.



This issue now requires collective efforts, it can’t be just achieved by me alone, thereby I repeatedly request all of my Youtubers, aspirants and students to come forward and join this campaign started by me and whole of Major Kalshi Classes.

The results that were supposed to be published in 18 -20 days of the written examinations have now been delayed to more than 2 months.

Every time an update is demanded, we are side lined with notifications stating administrative issues have led to delay. Why are students supposed to bear the consequences of the fault and mis management of the administrative authorities?

Number of reasons were provided to the waiting aspirants – on going Guwahati medicals, Implementation of the tour of duty concept in the Indian Air Force, Paper leak case at Ambala center, as the reasons for the delay in declaration of results.

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