Harsh Sharma by getting recommendation proved that one can achieve what one dreams off. Another proud moment for me to share SUCCESS STORY of Harsh Sharma who was a student of MAJOR KALSHI CLASSES got recommended in 147 NDA entry from 34 SSB Allahabad.

I feel really happy and I congratulate him on his success. I would also like to congratulate his father MR.DINESH SHARMA who must be overjoyed on his son’s accomplishment.


Harsh is a resident of Bhagwatipur, Allahabad. After qualifying his intermediate, he is currently pursuing B.sc. He wants to join the Indian Army and hence he decided to be a part of the National Defence Academy.

As per harsh “ I want to be a part of the Indian Army as I feel that life of an Army Officer is full of adventure and beautifull too.

I would definitely get to live a life different from a civilian and would get to serve our motherland. I shall serve the nation in all possible ways and give in all my efforts for the same.

I chose NDA, as this was an opportunity for me to serve the country at an early age.”

If you to want to be a part of the Armed forces and serve the nation then come and join the training session run for 14 days here in MKC. You can also go for online SSB training session for your preparation of SSB interview. You are to be trained by experienced and expert trainers. These trainers were a part of the Indian Army, now retired and their guidance will definitely prove helpful to you

So, here is the SUCCESS STORY of Harsh Sharma , hope you liked it


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