Armed forces now sees the increase in the number of lady officers. Along with the increasing recruitments increase s the number of questions within the the minds of young aspirants. To find the answers to these questions they refer a lot of sites and often end up being confused. Rather than staying confused I would definitely refer you to read this content to the end. This will definitely prove useful for you.

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Often the lady aspirants are curious to know what all goes inside the training academies.

Questions related to their dress code and code of conduct are a major concern for them. As for the curiosity regarding their hair cut and hairstyle,they are left unanswered.

Following are the points you should keep in mind that are important for you to know.

Why MKC Publication for All the Defence Examination Like NDA, CDS Etc
  1. Firstly, you must be aware of the fact that you are likely to get time for your personal grooming and care. So it would definitely be a good option to keep your hair short. Having long hair would be problem for you as they are difficult to manage.
  2. Secondly, if you are to keep long hair then you should keep them tied neatly in a bun all day. Remember, juda net is a compulsion . Also you should keep track of your baby hair. Apply gel to settle them.
  3. With juda net,you should also be using a head net to cover your hair overall. This would help you to keep your baby hair in place.
  4. Trimming would be a good option . But with a trim you should keep in mind that they are properly trimmed and they are not in a condition to be peeking out of your beret.
  5. Ladies with bob hair should keep in mind that you need to tie a ponytail and the baby hair should be in place. You can also use gel for the same.
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