Daily Current Affairs Quiz-16/06/2021

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Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary located in Kalahandi district of Odisha. It was recently in the news because The carcass of an adult elephant was found in a partially decomposed state from Ranibahal revenue forest on the outskirts of Karlapat wildlife sanctuary in Kalahandi's Thuamul Rampur block .

G.I tag certified 'Jardalu Mango' is found in which state?

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DAGMARA HYDEL POWER PROJECT is being built on which river?

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'Medicines from sky' project is launched by which state?

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Recently, the Telangana government has selected 16 Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) for pilot testing the ambitious ‘Medicine from the sky’, the first-of- its-kind project.

What is the capital of the UT Andaman and Nicobar ?

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Port Blair

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