Common SRT in the SSB Interview that you will face for Psychology Test

The Situation Reaction Test (SRT) is an integral part of the psychology test conducted during the selection process for the Services Selection Board (SSB) interviews. Here in this blog, we will discuss the complete details about the Common SRT in the SSB Interview that are conducted to evaluate candidates for recruitment into the Indian Armed Forces, including the Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force. The SRT assesses a candidate’s ability to think quickly, make effective decisions, and exhibit desirable leadership, judgment, and problem-solving qualities.

What is SRT in the SSB Interview?

The Situation Reaction Test (SRT) is a psychological assessment tool used to measure a candidate’s responses to real-life situations. It presents candidates with a series of hypothetical situations and expects them to provide their immediate reactions or responses to those situations. The aim is to gauge their decision-making abilities, crisis management skills, and emotional stability under pressure.


Common SRT Questions in the SSB Interview:

  1. You notice a senior officer misusing his authority. What will you do?
  2. Your friend is being bullied. How will you handle the situation?
  3. You witness a road accident. What steps will you take to assist the victims?
  4. You come across a person in need of immediate medical attention. How will you respond?
  5. Your team members are not cooperating. How will you motivate them?
  6. You receive an anonymous threat. What actions will you take?
  7. You witness a colleague stealing office supplies. What will be your course of action?
  8. You find a lost wallet with a significant amount of money. What will you do?
  9. Your superior gives you an unethical order. How will you handle it?
  10. You witness a fellow soldier violating discipline. How will you handle the situation?
  11. You are responsible for a task, but you fall sick. How will you manage the situation?
  12. Your team faces a major setback. How will you regroup and lead them forward?
  13. You come across a case of corruption within your organization. What steps will you take?
  14. You discover a flaw in a critical security system. What measures will you undertake?

How to Answer to the SSB SRT Questions (Sample):

Here are the answers to the above-written questions. These are the Samples for the Common SRT in the SSB Interview that you will face and must answer accordingly.

  1. I would gather evidence of the senior officer’s misconduct and report it to the appropriate authority.
  2. I would intervene and stand up against the bully, ensuring my friend’s safety and seeking help from authorities if necessary.
  3. I would immediately call for medical assistance and provide first aid to the victims while ensuring their safety from further harm.
  4. I would assess the situation, call for medical help, and provide immediate assistance within my capabilities until professional service arrives.
  5. I would communicate openly with my team, identify the reasons behind their lack of cooperation, and find ways to motivate and engage them in the task.
  6. I would report the threat to the appropriate authorities, maintain vigilance, and take necessary precautions to ensure personal safety.
  7. I would gather evidence discreetly, report the incident to the relevant authority, and maintain confidentiality to protect the organization’s reputation.
  8. I would make efforts to identify the owner of the wallet and return it to them without tampering with its contents.
  9. I would seek clarification and express my concerns regarding the unethical order, proposing an alternative course of action that aligns with ethical principles.
  10. I would address the violation privately with a fellow soldier, offering guidance and emphasizing the importance of discipline for the team’s success.
  11. I would inform my superior about my illness, delegate responsibilities to a capable colleague, and provide guidance remotely, if possible.
  12. I would analyze the setback, communicate openly with the team, provide encouragement, and devise strategies to overcome the setback and move forward towards our goals. 13. I would gather evidence of corruption, maintain confidentiality, and report the matter to the appropriate authorities, ensuring a thorough investigation.
  13. I would immediately inform the relevant personnel about the security flaw, provide detailed information, and suggest measures to rectify the issue to ensure the safety and integrity of the system.
  14. I would privately address the lack of integrity with the subordinate, emphasizing the importance of honesty and professionalism and providing guidance to help them improve their behaviour.

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How to prepare for Common SRT of the SSB Interview:

In order to be more accurate in the SRT of the SSB Interview. You have to Practice making quick and effective decisions in various situations. Develop the ability to analyze the pros and cons and consider different perspectives before arriving at a conclusion. Follow the mentioned points for better preparation:

  • Enhance your decision-making skills
  • Improve your crisis management skills
  • Enhance your knowledge and awareness
  • Practice time management
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Seek feedback from qualified individuals who can provide feedback on your responses
  • Stay calm and composed: During the SSB interview, maintain a calm and composed demeanour
  • Be authentic: While preparing for the SRT round, focus on being true to yourself.

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