Indian Coast Guard Salary Assistant Commandant, AC Promotion and Work Profile

The Indian Coast Guard is one of the most demanding careers in the youths of India, this is a very lucrative and well-paying job. Here in this article, I will share with you the salary of Assistant Commandant in Indian Coast Guard Service, promotion Scale of Assistant commandant and their Work profile in the Service. we will cover Coast Guard AC Salary, Coast Guard Assistant Commandant Promotion and Work profile of Coast Guard Commandant, etc.

Indian Coast Guard Assistant Commandant Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Coast Guard AC Salary, Promotion, and Work Profile:

Whatever field you are working, if your pay scale is good you will definitely love your job, here we will see the salary Assistant commandant of Indian Coast Guard gets. except for salary, the assistant commandant get Perks and some other benefits which normal government doesn’t get. Now let’s see the Work Profile:

Indian Coast Guard AC Salary and Allowances – Click to Check

The work profile of Coast Guard  Assistant Commandant:

The work profile of the Assistant Commandant isn’t as easy as it seems. The Duty of the of Assistant Commandant may vary according to their qualification but the basic duty hours are the same for all.  This is not a 9 to 5 job. They work 24*7 if required. they are responsible for the safety of the sea and property of sea. The hardest duty is when the Wheather Condition is not so good and they get work in the situation with the military rules and regulation.

They work onboard ships and on remote locations. All the things are pre-decided in the meeting with senior officers. They get to explore the world for free and the best things are they get to live life what we all think of doing. The Assistant Commandant also commands the junior Rank officers and Leads the team to protect the seafront of the nation.

This job is full of passion and adventure, The Coast guard is responsible to save lives, catch smugglers and Poachers. The Uniform which they wear is just damm awesome with those Insignia. If you are going there just to earn money. This service is not for you.

The Coast Guard Assistant Commandant Promotion:

The promotion of the Assistant commandant Varies on the duty periods and their Qualification but the basic promotion pyramid goes like this:

Right after the selection and completion of the training, the candidate will be posted as  Assistant Commandant and then after the 6 years of service in the Indian Coast guard, you will be posted as Deputy Commandant after the five years working on this post, DC will be posted as Commandant (Junior Grade). after this post, you may get promoted but that would depend on your performance in the duty and your behavior in the service. after this post, Commandant can be posted as DIG and after this as IG and then ADG, the Superior post in this service is DG Director-General.

Assistant Commandant
Deputy Commandant
Additional Director General

This is the basic promotion pyramid of the Indian Coast Guard Assistant Commandant. This all the promotion depends on on-duty performance and always stay healthy and fit. A minor mistake can stop your promotion.

Coast Guard AC Salary:

The salary of Assistant commandant is very good, they get paid well. the Average salary which the Assistant Commandant of Indian Coast guard gets in hand is around between 70000/- to 95000/- per month. that always depends on the type of area you are posted in.

In the addition they some extra pays also like TA (travel Allowances), DA (Dearness Allowance), High-risk zone pays. rather than this, they get some pays for their family members also like:

  • Free Transport
  • Child Care
  • Free gymnasium
  • Cafeteria
  • Free food
  • International tours
  • Education Assistant
  • Every year sports activity
  • Health Insurance etc.

This all the things for the family of the assistant commandant as well as for the commandant. That also get free ration and free housing.


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