China is the ‘biggest security threat’, says – Rawat (Chief of Defence Staff)

China has become India’s biggest security threat and the tens of thousands of troops and weaponry that New Delhi rushed to secure its disputed Himalayan border last year will not be able to return to base for a long time, Defence Chief General Bipin Rawat said.


India and China have been adding to infrastructure, troops and military hardware along the LAC. Last month, the 13th round of border talks between Indian and Chinese military commanders ended in a stalemate as they couldn’t agree on the schedule of pulling back the troops from the LAC.

China  is the biggest security threat facing India, “much bigger” than Pakistan, and the country is prepared to deal with “any misadventure” on the “land borders or the high seas”, chief of defence staff General Bipin Rawat said.

He expressed concerns about how the Taliban’s rule would impact India’s security, with the increased possibility of terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir is getting ammunition support from the country of Afghanistan
Asked whether China was “enemy number 1” for India at the Times Now summit on Thursday evening, General Rawat said there was “no doubt” about it. “The threat on the northern borders is much bigger,” he said.

India and China have been locked in a military stand-off in Eastern Ladakh since May 2020 along the LAC, the defacto boundary. Talks between military commanders and at the diplomatic level have not help resolve the matter.
“We are well prepared for any misadventure… Should they carry out a Galwan-like incident again, they will get it (back) in the same coin as they got last time,” said Gen Rawat. The CDS was referring to the violent skirmishes between the Indian and Chinese soldiers at Galwan Valley in the eastern Ladakh on June 15 last year.


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