CDS Recruitment Process Full Detail

Friends, when a candidate decides to join the army once, he tries to join the army in any situation. Similarly, if the candidate fails the NDA examination, he cannot join the army. So CDS exam is also conducted by UPSC to join the Indian Army. To appear in this examination, the candidate is required to have a graduation degree. It is true if it is talked about whether only the graduated candidates can apply in this examination. Both female candidates and male candidates can apply through the CDS exam. Today we will talk in detail about what is the CDS recruitment process and how a candidate can become an officer in the army. Before talking, let us inform you that it is only 5 days’ time for the CDS 1/2021 exam to be conducted. The CDS examination is scheduled to be held on the next Sunday i.e. 7 February 2021.

CDS Recruitment Process Full Detail

Friends, officers are recruited in the army through CDS examination. For the recruitment of officers in the army, the candidate has to fill the application form for the CDS examination conducted by UPSC. Applications can be filled only by those candidates who have completed graduation or have completed graduation. Selected candidates are sent to the Indian Military Academy (IMA), Indian Naval Academy (INA), Indian Air Force Academy (IFA) and Officers Training Academy (OTA) through CDS recruitment. Where candidates are given educational qualification and training to become an officer in the army.

Below we will talk about how you can become an officer in the army by joining CDS recruitment. As mentioned above, this examination will be held on 7 February 2021. Then in this situation, a question will definitely come in your mind that how is the selection process of the candidates through the CDS examination? So let us give you detailed information about the CDS recruitment process. Following are the steps of the CDS recruitment process.

  • Written exam
  • SSB interview
  • Physical fitness
  • Medical fitness
  • Final selection
  • Academic course (This is an academic course by which candidates are appointed as lieutenants in the army).

Let us give you detailed information about all the above mentioned CDS recruitment process.

Written exam

As you all have understood that the written examination of CDS 2021 is to be conducted on 7 February. So all of you must have filled the application form for appearing in this exam a long time ago. In order to appear in the written examination, the candidate needs to keep some important points in mind. All these points are remembered only while filling the application form.

  • While filling the application form for CDS examination, the minimum age of the candidate should be 19 years and maximum age 23 years. Candidates are also given age relaxation according to caste.
  • In order to fill this application form, the candidate is required to study or complete in the final year of graduation.
  • Candidates must have Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, English, subjects in their academic course to appear in the written examination.
  • In the written examination, candidates are asked questions related to general knowledge and current affairs in addition to the topics of the syllabus.
  • The minimum percentage of candidates in graduation degree should be between 60 and 70%.

To get the detailed information related to the recruitment of CDS and the syllabus, click on the link given below.

SSB interview – CDS Recruitment Process Full Detail

Candidates are selected for SSB interview by scoring more than the cutoff released by the Commission in the written examination. During this interview, the candidates have to stay for 5 to 6 days at the SSB centers. Where many activities are conducted to know the educational and physical abilities of the candidate. During SSB, the physical fitness and medical fitness criteria of the candidates are looked into and the candidates are qualified and disqualified.

  • For appearing in SSB interview, the candidate should have scored more than the cutoff issued by the Commission.
  • Before appearing in SSB interview, candidates must be physically and mentally healthy.

To know about SSB interview preparation and other important information, click on the link given below.

Physical fitness – CDS Recruitment Process Full Detail

Candidates are not required to undergo any type of physical fitness during CDS recruitment.But when they are present at SSB centers for SSB interview then the candidate has to go through the stages of physical fitness and medical fitness. The physical fitness standards of the candidates are set at the SSB Center According to which the candidate is declared eligible and disqualified.

  • The height of the candidate should be a minimum of 157 cm and weight should be a minimum of 50-52 kg.
  • The minimum height at the time of CDS recruitment for women should be 152 cm and weigh 48 kg.
  • Male candidates must have a minimum chest extension of 5 cm.
  • CDS recruitment does not have any type of criterion related to the chest for women.
  • Tattoos of any type will not be valid on the candidates’ bodies. (For other information related to tattoos, read the article related to CDS)

During SSB interviews, many physical activities are conducted by the candidates. Standards for each physical activity vary. Click on the link below for information related to physical activities.

Medical fitness

After the candidate is qualified in physical fitness, he is sent for the medical fitness test. Where candidates have medical tests of internal organs and external organs. Some general information related to medical fitness is given below.

  • The candidate is required to be physically and mentally disease-free.
  • The symptoms of any type of disease should not be present in the body of the selected candidate.
  • 14 point teeth should be present in the mouth of the candidate and the order of teeth should be well organized.
  • There should not be any cavity and yellowing in the teeth.
  • There should be no deformity in the internal organs of the body like the liver, kidney, urinary duct, stomach, respiratory system, etc.
  • Any deformity in bones and joints will not be accepted.

To get detailed information related to CDS recruitment, click on the link given below.

Final selection – CDS Recruitment Process Full Detail

When the candidate is successful in physical fitness, medical fitness, and other activities through SSB interview, then a merit list of all the successful candidates is prepared. Only those candidates who score high during SSB interview are included in this merit list. Only those candidates who score more marks in the SSB interview are selected. After selection, the candidates are sent to the Army Officers Training Academy. Where they are given academic courses and training. After completion of training, candidates are appointed to the post of lieutenant only according to the vacant positions.

frequently Asked question

  1. Who can apply for the CDS exam?
    Answer:- Female and male candidates who are studying in the final year of graduation or have completed graduation can apply for the CDS exam.
  2. What should be the minimum age of a candidate during CDS recruitment?
    Answer:- The minimum age of the candidate during CDS recruitment should be 19 years.
  3. When will the CDS 1/2021 written test and results be announced?
    Answer:- The written examination of CDS 1/2021 will be held on 7 February 2021 and the result of this written test will be declared at the end of March or in April.
  4. What is the CDS recruitment process?
    Answer:- The detail of CDS recruitment process is given above.
  5. Under which commission are officers appointed for the CDS examination?
    Answer:- Officers appointed by CDS Recruitment work under the Permanent Commission.
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