Can A Soldier Join RAW? What is the Criteria

There are many ways to serve the nation. All the candidates who join the Indian Army as a Soldier if they are a very intelligent and very active soldier in the Service they may get a chance to work in the RAW.  Here in this article, I am going to share with you the complete information about the Can soldier Join RAW and will tell you the complete criteria for soldiers to join RAW.  To get complete information about this, check the complete article below. I have shared all the details about this.

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Can A Soldier Join RAW? What is the Criteria:

The RAW (Research and Analysis Wings) department directly works under the Prime Minister Office. This is basically an External Intelligence Agency. Their work is to keep an eye on the other countries’ development that is related to India. If you are wondering that How to Join RAW Indiathen you should know that, there is no direct recruitment process in the for Joining RAW. All the recruitment process are done very secretly.

The Selection of the RAW agents are done from the Armed forces but to get selected in this, you will have to medically and physically fit all the time. They select the best candidates Only.  If you are a very fit and active soldier in the service, you may get a chance as RAW agents.

If you get noticed by the RAW selectors, they will keep an eye on you, they will test you in all manner and It is very important to be intelligent enough to join this.

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What are the criteria to get selected RAW agents? 

Criteria to join RAW for Soldiers: There are no fixed criteria for the selection of the RAW agents. As I said above, If you are a very fit and active soldier in the service, you may get a chance to work in this. Once you get selected in the service. You will have training as per the RAW agent’s standards. At the military Academy, they will get trained to fight, trained to escape, and other military tactics, etc. They are also trained in various languages, common techniques, Information Security, Scientific Knowledge, etc. They get very advanced training in the military field. They become capable of fighting with the four-five person at a time.

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It is very tough to live the life of a RAW agent. They are not even allowed to share their identity with their family member and friends. keeping identity secret is their first priority. They are sent to different countries and they have to match themselves with their culture.

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How to become an officer in the RAW:

In order to become an officer in the RAW, You will need to clear the UPSC Examination. The officers are basically selected through the UPSC Examination and they also disclose their identity. The officers also get selected from the Armed forces etc.

Mostly an IPS Officers are recruited as RAW Officer after getting some experience and they have to make their own team. They recruit the candidates directly from the Universities/Colleges etc. These things are done very secretly. For the Armed forces, Once you become A grade Officers in the Army, Airforce or Navy, You may get the opportunity to apply to join RAW India as Agent. Mostly the A grade Officer from the Indian Armed forces, Intelligence Agency, Police Service, and Administrative service, etc they get Opportunity to become an officer in the RAW(Research and Analysis Wings).

These are the ways to join the RAW as an agent and as an  Officer. If you have the aim to be a RAW agent be an active soldier in the service and do some extraordinary work and once you get noticed, your chances are high to get selected in the service.

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