The 19th day of October is a significant date as seen in terms of history of Indian Army. A few brave hearts were awarded gallantry awards namely, VIR CHAKRA and MAHA VIR CHAKRA.


There had been a few army personnel who were awarded these awards because of their valour in the battlefields.

Here I shall talk about those very brave hearts who were awarded the GALLANTRY AWARDS in different years but the date remains 19th October.

At first, I shall mention, BRIGADIER MAJIT SINGH. He displayed exemplary leadership while commanding an Infantry Brigade.

He was awarded with MAHA VIR CHAKRA on 19th October 1988. His unit as per records is 11 JAK LI.

2)Secondly, talking about CAPTAIN RAJA AMIRTHALINGAM. He was awarded with VIR CHAKRA. He showed exemplary courage& unflinching devotion while providing treatment to the casualties under heavy enemy fire.


He received VIR CHAKRA on 19th October 1962. He was a part of the Army Medical Corps. He was from the 14 J&K MILITIA(AMC) unit as per the records.

3) Thirdly, mentioning HAVILDAR SARUP SINGH. He displayed an exemplary bravery & indomitable courage during  enemy attack on his post.

He was thereby awarded MAHA VIR CHAKRA on October 19th 1962.He was from the 14 J&K MILITIA unit .

4) SUBEDAR PARMA SINGH, while leading his company in Poonch, surprisingly attacked the enemy and captured the objective.

He carried out his duty undauntedly and also encouraged his men throughout the mission. Therefore, was awarded with VIR CHAKRA on 19th October,1948.

5)On 19th October,1962 three brave hearts were awarded with VIR CHAKRA. JEMADAR RIGZIN PHUNCHOK, HAVILDAR TULSI RAM and SEPOY DORJE PHUNCHOK. These three displayed indomitable courage & bravery.

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