Best CAPF Coaching in Patna

The opportunity of being an Officer with the Ministry of Home Affairs, under the Indian Police Services is every young aspirant’s dream. Most of the aspiring candidates don’t know the level of difficulty of questions coming in the CAPF entrance examination, this is because they haven’t done mock papers or doesn’t know how to give one.

As a capital of its state, Patna is the hub of all civil services and defence services preparation coaching. There are numerous coaching institutes present in there which are perfect for the preparation of IAS or PCS exam but not for defence related exam. They lure students by telling them that they are best in defence but in reality, they are not. Their business is to guide civil students not defence. There’s a difference.

We at Major Kalshi are constantly boosting the morale of our candidates by introducing them to our focused, organized teaching plan specifically made for Central Police Force students. This teaching plan is has all the questions required to qualify for CPF Entrance exam.

Our experienced teachers are well accustomed to the changing patterns of the syllabus. Our infrastructure is considered as the best in state and in India. The competitive environment induces self confidence and breaks language barrier as most of the students in our academy are from different parts of the country.

Being an officer in the Armed Police Forces comes with many perks and privileges. Serving Indian Military is a matter of pride and honour. People, who join defence forces or want to join, can only explain how it feels to live their dream. The Uniform, The Respect, The Personality of a Gentlemen all of it can be achieved through few years of preparation with a right method and strategy and by joining the right coaching.

We are considered as the best CAPF coaching in India because we focus direct interaction with the subject faculty as well as with those who cracked the previous CAPF entrance exams. The guest lecturers from retired bureaucrats & eminent experts with helpful motivational classes should be enough to boost the morale of any aspiring candidate who wishes to be an Assistant Commandants one day.

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