Indian Army TGC-137 Medical Test Procedure

Although, the TGC means Technical Graduates Course Entry. This entry is only available in Indian Amry and in the Indian Navy, there is a entry for the technical Branches. Hence, whichever branch of the Indian Navy or any other Armed forces, will have to go through the medical test. Here in this article, We will talk about the Army TGC-137 Medical Test Procedure 2021. Check out the complete article below to get the information regarding its Medical Aspects Medical Examination etc. I have shared all the information that is related to the TGC Selection 137.

Indian Army TGC 137 Online form Out: Check Eligibility and Exam Date

Army TGC-137 Medical Test Procedure

In the medical test, the body of the candidate will be fully checked by the Military doctor at the Military hospital. In this, they make sure that your body is free of disease and that your body has the capability to work in the Indian Army. There is nothing to worry about in this section if you have a healthy body and have never been in any serious accidents or diseases. Let’s see the Medical Aspects of Indian Army TGC 137 (Technical Graduate Course) 2021.

Army TGC 137 Selection Process

Medical Aspects of TGC-137 Entry

A candidate must be in good physical and mental health and free from any disease/syndrome/disability. The candidate also should be free of medical conditions which require frequent visits to medical facilities and the use of any aid/drugs.

Psychological examinations will be carried out during the SSB selection procedure. However, any abnormal traits noticed during the medical examination will be a cause for rejection.

Based on the above-mentioned guidelines usual medical conditions which lead to rejection are:- Musculoskeletal deformities, Deformities of Limbs, Vision and Eye and Hearing, Ears Nose and Throat.

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Medical Test of Army TGC 137 Entry

Although, the medical standards described in the following paragraphs are general guidelines. These standards are subject to change with advancements in scientific knowledge and change in working conditions of the Armed Forces due to the introduction of new equipment/ technology.

  • Candidates must be physically and mentally fit according to the prescribed standards. Candidates are, therefore, advised in their own interest to get themselves medically examined before submitting their applications to avoid disappointment at the final stage.
  • Permanent body tattoos are only permitted on the inner face of the forearm. Permanent body tattoos on any other part of the body are not acceptable and candidates will be barred from further selection. Tribes with tattoo marks on the face or body as per their existing custom and traditions will be permitted on a case-to-case basis.
  • All candidates who are selected will be undergoing tough military training and will be deployed to perform military duties in any terrain, weather and austere conditions.
  • In such conditions, the ill health of any member of the team can jeopardize the military operations or endanger the lives of the entire team. Therefore medical examinations are carried out to select candidates who are “Medically fit to perform military duties in any terrain, weather and austere conditions”.

Job Profile of Brigadier in Army

Visual Standards for Army Medical

Parameters Standards
Myopia <-3.5 D (incl correction for astigmatism)
Hypermetropia <+3.5 D (incl correction for astigmatism)
 Uncorrected vision (max allowed) 6/60 & 6/60
BCVA Rt 6/6 Lt 6/6
Lasix/equivalent surgery Permitted
Colour perception CP-III (Defective safe)

Also, any candidate who has undergone any kerato-refractive procedure will have to get certificate/operative notes from the medical centre. The certificate must be from the same medical centre where he has undergone the procedure. The date and type of surgery must be mentioned. Candidates who have undergone radial keratotomy are permanently unfit.

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Height and Weight

Hence, the minimum acceptable height is 157.5 cm. For Gorkhas and individuals belonging to hills of the North-eastern region of India, Garhwali and Kumaon, the minimum acceptable height will be 5 cm less.

How do prepare for Medical Examination?

In the case of candidates from Lakshadweep, the minimum acceptable height can be reduced by 2 cm. The weight of the candidate must be as per the height. Make sure that your BMI (Body Mass Index) is ok.

TGC 137 Medical Test FAQs

Q. What are the acceptable heights in TGC 2021 Entry?

Ans. All the candidates who are 157.5 cm are eligible to apply the application for the vacancy. There is some relaxation for some candidates like Gorkhas or who belong to the North-Eastern region of India etc.

Q. What is the Age Limit for Army TGC 137 Entry?

Ans. The age of candidates must be between 20 years to 27 years old. There is no relaxation has been given to any candidate regarding their caste, Community or Religion.

Q. Can A female candidate apply for TGC Entry?

Ans. Yes, But the female candidates are allowed to apply for SSC (Short Service Commission) while the male candidates are eligible for both.

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