Anmol Singh Success Story. NDA 1/2020 from AFSB Mysore

Friends, almost all the candidates have the desire to work in NDA ie the National Defense Academy at the time of their studies. But there are only a few lucky and hard-working candidates who are qualified to serve the country by passing tough exams like NDA. Through today’s article, we will tell you the story of one such candidate who has shown his wisdom in the NDA January 2020 by studying in Major Kalshi Classes. Yes, today we are talking about Anmol Singh, who passed the NDA examination. Today we are sharing the success story of Anmol Singh, a promising student of Major Kalshi Classes, with you through this article.

Our Proud MKCIAN ‼- Anmol Singh Success Story

“Two stars on my shoulders are better than millions is the sky..”, these fierce lines must have put fire deep down in the heart of Mr. Anmol Singh.

Hello! To Every reader here. We (MKC) are proud to announce that Anmol Singh has recently Cleared & got Recommended from 1 AFSB Mysore. His journey was like a ship sailing through chilling winds & heinous waves. But he kept sailing on just like a determined captain onboard.

He joined our SSB Batch for 14 days and was a meticulous student since the first day. Understanding every aspect & polishing his “Officer Like Qualities” he just got better every day.

Our assessors showed him the right path & found the ‘Potential Officer Material’. Our assessors know their role very well & our prime focus is to clear your mindset & broaden your vision.

You may make mistakes here in our tests but we will help you to get rid of that and make sure that you appear confidently in your SSB and get Recommended.

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Good Luck to all for your upcoming SSB’s

We will upload Anmol’s Success Story on the YouTube Channel soon. Stay Connected!

Anmol Singh Success Story:-

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