AFCAT Exam 1 2019 | Important Topics

AFCAT Exam 1 2019 is going to held on 16th and 17th February 2019.  Above all, there are three entries in AFCAT Exam – Flying, Ground Duty (Technical), Ground Duty (Non – Technical).

Furthermore, for many years, AFCAT exam has questions coming from this topic. Multiple Platforms have discussed this topic in a very paramount way. Even more, SSB Interviewing officers sometimes ask this to aspirants.

AFCAT 1 Exam 2019 will be held online.

Due to the pay scale of the candidates which is quite high, probably Rs. 56,100-1,10,700/-, As s result, the popularity of the AFCAT Exam 1 2019 breaking records every year.

Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties are firmly related and can’t be isolated from each other. Both go one next to the other. These are the opposite sides of a similar coin.

However, Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties do sound same but when it comes to their purposes and definitions, there is a whole other concept to approach for.

Hence, here at Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd, we’ve tried to get the basics of this topic clear by finalizing the main differences between them which consequently will help the aspirants to clear the AFCAT Exam.

AFCAT Exam 1 2019 | Similarities – Fundamental Rights  vs. Fundamental Duties

The Indian Constitution has empowered us with Seven Fundamental Rights.

86th Amendment expanded the Fundamental Duties to eleven for the reason that it was ten duties before in 2002.

Another thing was that the basic Duties of subjects were added to the Constitution by the 42nd Amendment in 1976.

AFCAT Exam 1 2019 |Fundamental Rights vs. Fundamental Duties
Fundamental Rights Fundamental Duties
Justiciable, Enforceable by the court which is Not absolute in nature It is a duty which is absolute in nature
Amendable, Subject to basic structure Absolutely Amendable
Provision for suspension of Fundamental Rights during emergency No need of suspension
Available for both Indian and Foreign Citizens Available for Indian Citizens only


Some Rights are not available to those who are in the Defence Forces. All the duties are available to all citizens.
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