The 27th day of October marks Infantry Day. Infantry Day is observed as a remembrance of the First Military Action on the soil of independent India.

On 27th October, 1947 Indian Army repelled the first attack in Kashmir valley. This was the first Infantry Day in the history of Indian Army.

Year 2021 marks the 75th Infantry Day of Indian Army. Indian Air force remembered the history of the epoch aircraft, “PARSHURAMA”.

The aircraft “PARSHURAM” is the refurbished DAKOTAS. It played a major role in transporting troops of the first Sikh regiment to the war zone. This was the first historic war of India- Pakistan in Srinagar, Kashmir in the year 1947.

 On this occasion, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat and Indian Army Chief General MM Narvane, paid respect at the National War Memorial in the National Capital by laying a wreath.

This day is remembered to mark the valour and extraordinary display of courage by the Sikh regiment at Srinagar Airbase. The Sikh regiment became “THE WALL” for our country .They safeguarded the boundaries and ensured that Indians were safe of the Pakistani Army, who had entered Kashmir via the help of tribal raiders.


 Hari Singh, the then Maharaj of Jammu and Kashmir, had signed an agreement on 26th of October in 1947. This agreement stated that Kashmir (his state) is a part of Indian dominion.

This agreement paved the way for the Indian Army and its troops to enter the state. They were then free to be positioned and deployed in the state to fight against the invaders from Pakistan who had entered the country.

It was the 22nd of October when the Pakistani soldiers had entered the boundaries of Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from the encroach of Pakistani soldiers, the tribals and the volunteers from NWFP (North West Frontier Province) also intruded the Indian boundaries.

The core motive of the Pakistani soldiers to intrude our boundaries was to occupy and integrate the state into Pakistan on force. This very motive made the Maharaj sign the agreement.

 The sacrifice and valour of the brave hearts are to remembered by we Indians forever. The Sikh regiment proved the fact that “Valour is stability, not of legs and arms but of courage and soul.”


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