60 Days Plan to Crack NDA 2/2021 Exam, Tips for NDA II 2021.

If you are preparing for the NDA 2 2021 then this article is for you, here we are going to discuss the 60 Days Plan to Crack NDA 2/2021 Exam. NDA Exam is one of the toughest exams at 12th standard, you shave to focus on the complete knowledge of your syllabus. NDA Exam is conducted by the UPSC twice a year.We Major Kalshi Classes is going to provide Tips for NDA II 2021 to crack in 60 days of study.

60 Days Plan to Crack NDA 2/2021 Exam:-

The first step of preparation is to know the exam pattern and syllabus. We suggest you follow only the syllabus written in the notification pdf.

  1. Write complete Syllabus on page and placed it on wall.
  2. Start Studying the topics given in the syllabus by MKC Publication book or which ever book you have.
  3. Try to memorise concepts by writing on the rough papers.
  4. Follow the current affairs from the MKC youtube chennel free of cost every day.
  5. If you read 10-14 hr daily then you will complete the syllabus in 1.5 month.
  6. After completing the syllabus revise the topics at leat 3 times.
  7. Just read last 6- months of current affair.
  8. If you have time then join Test Series on MKC Test Prep app.

Now lets see Subjects wise plan for 60 days:-

Mathematics: Mathematics is very important for NDA Exam. For that aspirants must remember all-important formulas. With formulas, you will be able to solve questions quickly and the answers will be in figure tips. That will also help you to complete the exam within time with remarkable accuracy. Practising difficult mathematical problems at the last moment is not a good idea.  Remember your formulas to solve the question in a quick time. Maths is very easy it just needs some extra effort to manage during the exam. Keep practising on a regular basis for the Mathematics section.

Current Affairs: Current affair is an important part of every defence examination. Prepare this too in a better manner. These questions in NDA are asked in either statement type questions or direct MCQ type questions.  This portion can be the best scoring for you, prepare this in a better manner. The candidates must go through the current affairs in order to raise their marks in this section. So don’t forget to take an overview gist at the last moment.

English: English seems to be difficult for some aspirants but it is not that much you just need a smart working plan for this. Prepare the complete English Portion. this is the easiest portion of the exam as per my knowledge.  Go through the questions as much as you can to get the idea of basic questions.

  1. Solve previous Year qestions as mush as possible.
  2. Practice Passage based questions.
  3. Learn Vocablary and strong the word power.
  4. Learn Idiam Phrases and one word substitution.
  5. Clear the Grammar prortion.

Tips for NDA II 2021

Preparation Strategy to qualify NDA 2/2021: There are no such tips and tricks to clear any competitive exams in today’s world of competition. You will have to hard work and will have to prepare well to clear this examination. Here are a few common which you must remember, It can also help you:

  • Make proper time management.
  • Give equal time to each subject.
  • English is one of the easiest portions, you can score maximum in this.
  • Prepare your English better, so that you could attend the maximum question.
  • Try to solve the maximum previous year question paper for better practice.
  • You can also appear for the Mock test which is conducted by many institutes for the practice.
  • Read Newspapers every day for current affairs.
  • For the rest of the syllabus, An individual books are available in the market, you can buy them
  • Do proper preparation of each subject, solve at least 5 sample papers of each subject.

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