100 Frequently Asked Topics In Lecturette: SSB Interview (Part-I)

Lecturette is one of the important tests which come under GTO series.
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It is basically a small talk which is to be delivered by each candidate in the given time. It is conducted in order to assess the speaking skill, knowledge, interpersonal skill, influencing ability and quick decision making ability of an individual.
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100 Frequently Asked Topics In Lecturette: SSB Interview

100 Frequently Asked Topics In Lecturette: SSB Interview


Self-Introduction before the lecturette

Each candidate is to introduce himself before the lecturette but this practice is not to be done immediately before starting the lecturette. Separate time ids given for this in which each candidates are asked to introduce themselves over few points given by GTO. These points may include 5 points out of the given things-

  • Candidate name
  • Place you belong
  • Hobbies
  • Father’s occupation
  • Current profession
  • Achievement



Candidates can find bunch of card on the table. Each card will have 4 topics of various natures.

  • As directed by the GTO first candidate first candidate will pick up one card and will go to the nearby shown place to prepare his topic.
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  • 3 minutes will be given for the preparation.
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  • Candidate will be called by signal of a bell for his turn.
  • Once this candidate will start speaking next candidate will pick up a card and go to prepare his talk.
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  • Once 3 minute 30 seconds are over, a warning bell will be rang by the GTO to signal that only 30 seconds are left.
  • Indication of twice bell will be to stop the lecturette and accordingly next candidate will start speaking.
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  1. Space research in india
  2. Agriculture in india
  3. River water disputes
  4. Article 370
  5. Mobile Phones
  6. Energy Crisis
  7. International Terrorism
  8. Indian Economy
  9. NHAI – Serving Nation
  10. Tourism in India
  11. Indian Culture
  12. World Media and its Effects
  13. Role of Youth in Society
  14. Green House Effect
  15. Generation gap
  16. Alternate Source of Energy
  17. Information Technology
  18. India’s Nuclear policy
  19. Joint Family Vs Nuclear Family
  20. Naxalism
  21. Same Sex Marriage
  22. Terrorism-A Global Curse
  23. Dowry – A Curse on Society
  24. Ecological System
  25. National Highway Authority of India
  26. Sports as a career
  27. Indian Space missions
  28. Indo-Pak relations
  29. AIDS
  30. Child labour
  31. Poverty
  32. Reservation
  33. Ragging
  34. Value of sports and games
  35. Medical tourism
  36. Ecology and Environment
  37. Right to Information
  38. Privatization of Universities
  39. Inflation
  40. Role of Media
  41. Global Warming
  42. India as Superpower
  43. Indo Pak Relations- The Future
  44. Kashmir problem
  45. CTBT and  India
  46. Nuclear power
  47. Missile development in india
  48. Compulsory military training
  49. Sex education
  50. Tourism in india
  51. Freedom of press
  52. My role model
  53. My hobby
  54. Role of opposition in democracy
  55. India’s neighbors
  56. Indo-China relations
  57. India and its relations with neighboring countries
  58. Interlinking of rivers
  59. Judicial System of India
  60. Media
  61. Crime and Justice
  62. Role of UN in present era
  63. Role of Computers
  64. Role of media in Nation Building
  65. Population explosion
  66. Corruption in modern India
  67. Pollution
  68. Globalization
  69. Child Labor
  70. Wildlife Protection
  71. Global Warming
  72. Water shortage
  73. Global warming
  74. Non conventional energy
  75. Disaster management
  76. Unemployment in India
  77. Drug abuse
  78. Educating a girl child
  79. Status of women in India
  80. Inflation
  81. FDI
  82. Women empowerment
  83. SAARC
  84. AFSPA
  85. Role of media
  86. Water Crisis
  87. National Integration
  88. Crime against Women
  89. India’s Foreign Trade
  90. Terrorism a global threat
  91. Judicial reforms
  92. Police reforms
  93. Human rights
  94. Aviation Industry in India
  95. United We Stand, Divided We Fall
  96. Indian Reservation Policy
  97. Missile Programme of India
  98. Kashmir Issue
  99. Terrorism – A Threat to Humanity
  100. Sex Education – Crying Need of Present Day

These topics are some of the most frequently topic asked in various Selection centres irrespective of nature of entries. So friends kindly go through the above topics as they can really prove very handy if you are going to face SSB Interview.

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