How To Write Self-Description In SSB

Self-description is one among the four psychological tests among TAT, WAT and SRT. During SSB every test have significant role, a complete psychology of aspirant is being tested in these 4 tests. In self-description test Candidate is asked to write a paragraph over following questions:

  • What your parents think of you?
  • What your friends think of you?
  • What your teachers think of you?
  • What do you think of yourself?
  • What sort of person you want to become in life

 In Self-Description Test, candidates are given 15 minutes time and are asked to write 5 different paragraphs regarding the above questions. Not only in psychological test but also during interview it is very general question to start with “Tell me something about yourself?”

To answer all this vital is to know about yourself, to know what you are from inside, which kind of personality do you possess. You need to be honest, real and spontaneous about yourself and do not baffle about any of your qualities. The words you spoke while giving interview must reflect a perfect image of your personality.

First impression is the last impression so orate about you in best concise and proper manner.  Best tips for writing self-description are:

  • Maintain good handwriting and wind up everything in time
  • Have knowledge of both positives and negatives about you. Because it gives a good impression to the examiner that you have thorough knowledge about yourself.
  • Try a concise, enthusiastic response that summarizes your big-picture of personality.
  • Always mention the wish list of how you goanna remove your negative qualities
  • Try to talk to your parents, friends, and teachers and find out more about your weaknesses and make them in your strengths.

Don’t worry, it’s easy. Just follow these simple suggestions and it makes you prepare for a part of Psychology round and also for the Interview.

Hope you understand the depth meaning of this blog, it will definitely help you to introspect you inner and then to focus on weak points. The foremost important thing you can do is to improve writing skills.

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