Useful Tips for travelling alone for SSB

Are you preparing for going in SSB? After receiving a call letter from the respective forces, you must be seeking for travel plans.
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Making reservations for trains and planning for proper stay. While making plans and packaging you must ensure yourself with security and safety purposes. Being Armed Forces aspirants, you must have a brave heart and having a smart reflexive mind that is required to tackle the problems of life.

We are providing some useful tips for candidates for those who are travelling for SSB interviews solo anywhere:

  1. Safety of Documents: Take a picture of all the documents you are carrying for the interview and keep them safe in pen drives, mobile phones and unfailingly take scanned pictures of all your important documents and put them on a locked site (Like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc) or in pen drives that you can access from any computer anywhere.
  2. Light weight packaging: Carry less number of packages this is actually be a safety tip because lesser you take packages you get less opportunities for people to rob you. You will also be more mobile and comfortable with smaller bags in case you need to move quickly or cover greater distances. Carry all the necessary items like a small first aid kit (which has bandages, cough medicines, Paracetamol etc.), cell phone chargers, etc.
  3. Keep all your money different place: Keep some cash with yourself in your pockets and some in your bags. Bifurcate you money in many parts and put in different pockets.
  4. Keep your mobile phone charged, carry phone chargers: Do not waste your mobile phone’s battery by chatting on Whatsapp or using Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to carry phone chargers or power banks while travelling. Remember to have a small flashlight.
  5. Carefully listen music: If you’re listening to music, don’t wear both headphones, this way you can always stay alert. You can also wear head phones with no music on as an excuse for not listening to an unwanted conversation and a way to eavesdrop and overhear anything threatening that might be going on.
  6. Eat your own food: Eatonly yours and buy packaged foods and water bottles from vendors. This point has been put in our heads by our parents since we were kids. And yes, it holds right even today. Avoid taking food or other stuff from strangers.
  7. Be Alert Always: Never sleep too soundly while travelling. Don’t sleep too much on trains and keep your luggage chained and also, secure your luggage with chains and locks.
  8. Always Carry hard copies of phone numbers with you at all times: This includes the phone numbers of your family members, the number and location of the SSB center where you are going to travel.
  9. Be alert on road:Take care of your road safety the things that you can care is never operate your phone in the middle of the road, it may get dangerous. While walking take care of road safety rules.

Go ahead for your journey
Gateway of glorious world is waiting for you.

Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd. wishing you,“All the very best for your SSB interview”.

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