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Preparation Schedule of NDA written exam in just 5 days

It is the last week of the upcoming NDA written exam and the preparations are at peak. Now is the time to revise all the topics and practice important mathematical questions. But still there are some students that have not completed the syllabus and are in dire need for guidance of qualifying this NDA written exam 2018 in just a few days.

We at MKC, are now providing this preparation schedule which has been attained after thorough analyzation of the exam pattern.

Remember, this article is only for those students have not completed their syllabus and don’t know what to study for NDA in just 5 days.


There are four chapters in mathematics cannot be left out because they have the maximum weightage in the written exam.

  1. Algebra and Calculus – Every year, collectively more than 60 questions comes from both of these chapters. So, undoubtedly they are the most important chapters in NDA. In Algebra, Complex number, Quadratic and Linear Equations, Matrix and Determinants have the maximum weightage and in Calculus, Limits, Continuity and Differentiability, Definite and Indefinite Integrals and Differential Equations have the maximum weightage. Practice only formula based questions, not conceptual questions as they’ll require more time. Read every formula out loud.
  2. Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry – Measurement of Angles and Trigonometric Ratio and Inverse Trigonometric Functions in Trigonometry and Coordinate System and Straight Lines and 3 D Geometry in Coordinate Geometry are the most important chapters having the maximum weightage. Leave the entire conic section including circles as they require more days for preparation.

Spend your entire day on Synonym and Antonym, don’t worry about grammar. Read as many comprehensions as you can. Remember, the more you’ll read, the more you’ll score.


Chapters like Work, Power and Energy, Wave Motion and Electricity are mandatory to read in Physics. Only read Chemistry in Everyday Life as this chapter is easy and doesn’t require much effort to complete. It also has the most questions coming in the exam from the chemistry section.


Read Books and Authors, Highlights from Ancient India, Different types of atmospheres, Constitutional Development, Census and Population on this day. Looking at the previous year questions will help immensely.


Don’t read anything new. Just revise what you have learnt in these days. You can practice mathematics too if you want because the paper will be tomorrow according to that respective day.
We hope that this article will be beneficial in terms of improving the marks of the candidate.

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