Mock Test Paper of General knowledge

GK Mock Test Paper is the Key to Success!

Practicing General Knowledge can never go wrong as it covers every defence and competitive exam. General knowledge is vast and cannot be covered fully. We are providing you a wide range of GK mock test paper. For increasing efficiency and expanding your general knowledge base, we provide the best series of GK mock test paper to practice.

Some Important Questions From Our GK Mock Test Paper:

Have a glimpse of some frequently asked questions from our series of GK mock test paper.

1.) Name the commando unit of the Indian Air Force.

Answer – Garud

2.) Who regulates the finance market in India?

Answer – SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India)

3.) Which state has the highest Per Income Capita?

Answer – Punjab

4.) What was the greatest contribution of the Romans to world civilization?

Answer- Architecture

5.) When the first atom bomb was dropped in Hiroshima?

Answer – 6 August 1945

6.) The first evidence of the Big Bang Theory was given by whom?

Answer – Edwin Hubble

7.) Which blood group can be called universal donors?

Answer – ‘0’ blood group

8.) Name the state with the longest route (in kilometres) of the railway line in India?

Answer – Uttar Pradesh

9.) Name the longest river in Asia.

Answer – Yangtze River

10.)  Which sector is the backbone of the Indian Economy?

Answer – Agriculture Sector

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