International Affairs for competitive Examination

“Up-gradation is the law of nature”

Being updated with every event, being updated with your surroundings, being updated with natural acceptance can only led to raise you knowledge. To succeed in your life awareness with your surrounding is main factor. To update completely means to know about every national issue, international issue and global issues. In context to this we are enlisting some International issues that will surely help to increase your knowledge. International issues for many competitive exams are pretty much important and this is that section which can improvise good marks.

Some recent international issues that can be asked in many competitive exams are as:

  1. Moon Jae is elected as south Korea President

Moon, the Democratic party’s candidate to replace ousted President Park Geun-hye was declared the winner by the country’s National Election Commission. Moon favors more liberal policy toward North Korea.

  1. Emmanuel Macron elected as France President

This victory caps an extraordinary rise for 39 year old former investment banker, who will become the country’s youngest ever leader. Pro-European centrist Emmanuel Macron Resoundingly won France’s Landmark Presidential Election.

  1. China organized OBOR summit on May 14

China organized a grand two day summit from May 14 to showcase it plans to build a network of trade route- One Belt, One Road (OBOR) that will connect Asia, Africa, The Middle East and Europe. Nearly 65 countries were taken part in this summit though only 20 head of states attended.

  1. 5 MOUs signed between India and Palestine

Palestine President Mahumoud Abbas in 4 days visit to India, these MOUs were on covering topics on Visa exemption for diplomatic passport holder, agriculture cooperation, cooperation in field of IT and electronics, health sector and cooperation in field of youth affairs and sports

  1. Thailand’s king signs new constitution

King has signed an army-drafted constitution that set the country on the path to election while cementing the grip of the military over any future government. The constitution is the Nation’s 20th since the absolute monarchy was abolished in 1932.

These are some important and tip to remember 5 international affairs, by just few minutes of your daily running life you can read this miniature type articles. Meanwhile it will improve your current affair knowledge.

Keep in touch with us, very soon we will come back with more interesting and new topics that will refresh you mind and fill you up with enthusiasm.
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