5 Crucial Last Minute Tips to Clear NDA 1 2019 Exam

NDA 1 2019 written exam is only a few days away that means this a peak time for NDA aspirants to give their hardworking preparation an important edge. Last days of preparation are always crucial because the candidates are always filled with anxiety and nervousness of giving the exam and getting it over with. To give the best shot at once, here are some Last Minute Tips to Clear NDA 1 2019 Exam.

Quality over Quantity | Last Minute Tips to Clear NDA 1 2019 Exam –

Because of the presence of negative marking (0.83 marks in Maths and 1.33 marks in GAT) in NDA, attempt only those questions which you are confident about. Always create a mindset of thinking about every question seriously. In Maths, double check your answer and in GAT, focus more sharply while reading the questions. Only after completing this process, fill the OMR sheet. It is important for the candidate to get serious while giving this exam because guessing or answering questions without thinking will show your honesty towards joining the Indian Armed Forces. Remember, after clearing this written exam, you will have to face the SSBs where you cannot lie.

Know about the Trend Analysis |Last Minute Tips to Clear NDA 1 2019 Exam –

Needless to say, it is very important for the aspirant to know about the last 5-10 years trend analysis of every Maths and GAT topic which can be easily accessed via our MKC Publication books. It is of great significance for any defence aspirants to prepare smartly for the written exam because it will provide your immense confidence when you know that how many questions will be coming from which topic and what kind of questions will coming or what level of difficulty will be there. Advanced preparation for these small things will boost your preparation and help you in time management while giving your exam.

Practice only NDA level Questions | Last Minute Tips to Clear NDA 1 2019 Exam –

Most of the candidates doesn’t know that solving NDA questions are pretty easy if they have a done a basic preparation of the upcoming topics. A technical and smart presence of mind should be needed to solve the NDA level questions. If you look closely at the time duration and the number of questions to be solved, you will see that only a minute should be given to each of the questions while means that while preparing, you don’t have to deeply delve for each topic to prepare for NDA, instead look at the questions from the perspective of an NDA aspirant.

Practice Sample Papers | Last Minute Tips to Clear NDA 1 2019 Exam –

One of the main benefits of solving a sample paper is that to face the situations before the actual examination which will overcome all the fear associated with it. If you are stuck at question, it is important for you to know how your mind works in that situation which you can only know when practicing bundle of sample papers based on latest UPSC exam pattern. Another benefit is that sample papers will help in analyzing in where and when we are wrong in writing answers. Candidates can look through the NDA Online test series where numbers of model papers are present for the aspirants to practice on.

Revise Basic Grammar | Last Minute Tips to Clear NDA 1 2019 Exam –

Undoubtedly, English is the most scoring area in NDA examination. Therefore to excel in NDA English, simply revise all the rules of grammar portion because during the last days of exam preparation, heavy preparation of Maths and General Science will not only affect your mental health but also will affect other subjects too. Have a quick revision on English grammar and practice abundant questions on them with a daily dose of latest current affairs.

All of these important Last Minute Tips to Clear NDA 1 2019 Exam are of paramount importance for every NDA aspirant which are giving the NDA 1 2019 Written examination conducting on 21st April 2019.

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