The impact of Social Media on Human Behavior and Society

What is Social Media?

Social media can be termed as a trending force or a milestone of a new era. With the evolution of social media, the digitalization of Information technology has been boosted. Social media is not just about platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or LinkedIn, but a never-ending thing that is much bigger than we can think of. Social media is used to share photos, information or news to the world so that everyone is updated with the current scenario. Since everything has some pros and cons, the impact of social media on society is also the same. Let’s check out some positive and negative impacts here.

The impact of Social Media on Human Behavior and Society

As discussed, social media has some do and some don’ts and also the impact of Social Media on human behavior is very vigorous. Today’s generation gets easily influenced by social media or we can say, that social media helps a person to be updated with all the worldly stuff. Here, sentences have the same meanings but are in different contexts, one is portraying the positive face and the other showcases the negative one. Here is some information on positive and negative sides of the same.

Positive Impact of Social Media on Society
  • Social media helps one to be updated all the time.
  • One can easily boost their business using social media. 
  • A person can learn and improve their skills using social media.
  • They are widely used for news purposes.
  • Social media is the best way to create informal relations with your official mates.
Negative Impact of Social Media on Society
  • Anyone can be easily influenced by social that can lead to danger.
  • There are many privacy concerns about social media.
  • It allows people to peep into your life.
  • It can spread fake news easily and the result will be surely bad.
  • Wrong statements on social media platforms can lead you to court cases.
  • It is majorly responsible for a change in mood according to the content displayed.

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