How will you succeed in cracking CDS?

A candidate needs to work extremely hard to crack the Combined Defence Services exam. Do some candidates have this question in their mind how will you succeed in cracking CDS? And how to prepare for the exam? Today we will give you information about some such methods by following which you can easily crack the Combined Defence Services written exam and at the same time perform well in the SSB interview. As you all know that the written examination of Combined Defence Services will be conducted in April 2022.

Combined Defence Services written examination will be conducted on 10 April 2022 at different selected centres across the country. The written examination of the National Defence Academy ie NDA 2022 is also to be organized on the same day. Now the question arises that how you can easily clear Combined Defence Services. Below we are giving you some important tips, by taking advantage of which you can improve your exam preparation and earn success. Before this, let us know how you reach the rank of lieutenant through Combined Defence Service.

The journey from General Candidate to the Lieutenant in Armed Forces:-

When you are a candidate your journey is very tough. To travel up to the rank of lieutenant through the Combined Defence Services, you have to go through the following procedures.

  • First of all, you have to fill out the application form of Combined Defence Services as per the standards of the application form.
  • Only the application forms without error are selected and they are issued admit cards for the written examination.
  • Only good performance by the candidates who appear in the written test qualifies you in the written test and are called for the next stage i.e. SSB interview.
  • Only those candidates who perform better in this SSB Interview are selected for Medical Test and Physical Examination at SSB Centers to be held for 5 to 6 days.
  • To be included in the merit list, the candidate needs to pass the medical examination and physical examination.
  • When you get selected in the merit list then you are sent to Indian Military Academy, Indian Air Force Academy, Indian Naval Academy, and Officer Training Academy.
  • Within 3 to 4 years, the training and course information is made available to the candidates according to their rank.
  • Candidates who successfully train are provided with appointment letters as per the branch they have chosen.
  • After which an ordinary citizen is appointed to serve in the rank of a lieutenant in the Indian Armed Forces.

If you also want your journey to be very easy and accurate, then you should work hard to prepare for your exam. For this, you can know about some of the tips mentioned by us below and by following them you can improve your exam preparation. Let us know how you can crack the Combined Defence Services exam track.

How will you succeed in cracking CDS?

Given below are some important tips you need to follow to successfully track Combined Defence Services written exam:-

  • For Combined Defence Services written exam, candidates need to focus more on English and Mathematics subjects.Therefore, you should always try to devote maximum time to English and Mathematics subjects.The questions asked in the exam are simple but they tend to be quite tricky to use the best tips and tricks to solve these types.While starting the preparation for the exam or also keep in mind that you should complete all the subjects within the stipulated time limit.
  • Combined Defence Services syllabus is very big so tried to give priority to those subjects first which can earn you maximum marks in the exam.As you all know that in the written examination of Combined Defence Services mainly questions related to Mathematics, English, and General Knowledge are asked.Therefore, you need to have enough time for all three subjects and knowledge of their syllabus.You can check the syllabus and pattern by clicking on the link given below.
  • Try to get the best text material for your exam preparation.This will have the advantage that you can use the best study materials for your exam preparation and score maximum marks in the exam.If you want to get any type of Notes, Books or Study Materials of Combined Defence Service then visit the official website of Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute. All types of notes and lesson materials are easily available here.
  • When you start preparing for the exam, you need to have a timetable with a time limit.As you already know that no exam of the Armed Forces is easy and they have to be completed within the time limit.Therefore, to prepare for your exams, make a timetable to give equal attention to all the subjects and follow them and continue your exam preparation.
  • Always keep a positive and calm mind: – If you want to achieve success in exam preparation, then you should always keep in mind that your thinking should be positive.Any kind of negative thinking like what will happen if there is a lack in the preparation for the exam, what will happen if you do not pass the exam should not come to your mind?Along with positive thinking, your mind should also be calm.With a calm mind, you can pay more attention to your exam preparation and work hard and earn success in the exam.Do not be under any kind of stress or pressure and do not bring any kind of laziness or bad thoughts in your mind while studying.
  • Solving previous years’ question papers continuously instills confidence in you.That’s why always try to solve the question papers of the last many years related to the exam within the same time limit, which also improves the speed of solving your questions.If you want that your preparation should not be lacking in any way, then you can click on the link given below to download the previous year’s question papers and keep practicing them continuously.Solve questions that should be checked by yourself and analyze them according to standard marks and focus more on weak topics.
  • Some subjects are weak and some subjects are very strong in the studies of all the candidates.Therefore, before starting the preparation for the examination, it must be kept in mind that in the subjects which are there in the syllabus of Combined Defence Services, which subjects you have a good hold on and in which subjects you are weak.Accordingly, first of all, select your weak subjects and prepare by working hard by giving more time to them.By analyzing weak and strong topics, you can save more time and score maximum marks in your exam.
  • While solving the question paper, try to solve those questions which are easy first.There is a negative marking in Combined Defence Services written exam so while solving the question or keep in mind that the answer given by you should be correct.
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    In case of any type of error, does not waste timeon that question in vain and keep solving the next questions.
  • To prepare for the exam, you need to study the best books, so you are present in the market, study all those books which according to the syllabus you like better.But if you want to avoid this problem then you can also get the Combined Defence Service books by visiting the official website of Major Kalshi Classes.Books have been published for the written examination of Combined Defence Services under the able guidance of Mr. Saurabh Sir, the best teacher of Combined Defence Services.You can easily buy these books sitting at home and prepare for your exams.

Along with the written exam of Combined Defence Services, the candidate should also prepare for the SSB interview. For this, you can give a new twist to your preparation by joining the best coaching institute ie the major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute. This coaching institute located in Prayagraj has emerged as one of the best coaching institutes for the preparation of armed forces in today’s time. Candidates from all over the country have been associated with Major Kalshi Classes in offline and online mode to prepare for the Armed Forces. If you also want to successfully prepare for the Combined Defence Services SSB interview, then visit the official website of Major Kalshi Classes today and enrol yourself.

Frequently Asked Question:-

  • How to access Combined Defence Services written exam?
    Ans: –
    To crack the written examination of Combined Defence Services, one should have better confidence and keep studying the appropriate text material.
  • Can I prepare for Combined Defence Services even sitting at home?
    Ans: –
    Yes, you can start your exam preparation even sitting at home by joining the offline and online programs of Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute.
  • Where to get the best course material for CDS?
    Ans: –
    If you want to study the best books, then by visiting the official website of Major Kalshi Classes Coaching Institute, you can get the best book and text material.
  • Will NDA and CDS wrote exams be conducted on the same day?
    According to the information released by the Union Public Service Commission, the written examination of the National Defence Academy and Combined Defence Service will be conducted on 10 April 2022 only.
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