How to write effective essay in CAPF AC Examination

How to write effective essay in CAPF AC Examination – Essay writing is an important part of Central Armed Police Forces examination which is incorporated under second paper commonly known as descriptive paper. There are 6 topics given in which candidates are to write 4 essays which consist of 20 marks each. The expected word limit is 300 words per essay.

Short details Paper-II | How to write effective essay in CAPF AC Examination
Paper-II  General Studies, Essay and Comprehension – 200 marks
Paper type Descriptive
Marks 200
No. of essays 4
Marks 20 Marks each
Word limit 300 words each
What is essay writing?

Essay is not just writing about given topic but to project flow of information, theories, it is a platform to project our self, own attitude, thought and ideas. The first step in How to write effective essay in CAPF AC Examination is to know the purpose of including essay writing is not only to test the writing skill of an individual but more importantly to assess candidates thinking, ability to respond critically and personally to a problem. Ability to think clearly in lucid manner.

Choosing a right topic

Before starting essay it is very important to have clear idea about the nature and category of topic which a candidate is going to choose. The second step in How to write effective essay in CAPF AC Examination is knowing about little topics and a bit of exaggeration can land up you in serious trouble. So first be calm & cool and observe all the 6 topics minutely and decide 4 topics on which you hold good command.

Making short notes

Before starting the construction of a building it is always ensured to be planned by an Architect. It means little bit rough paper work is required to be done. The third step in How to write effective essay in CAPF AC Examination is to just start thinking on any one of the topic and make a short notes which consists of introduction, main body, facts and figures, sayings and quotations, conclusion etc. Remember this portion is only a preparatory phase of an essay where time is not being wasted. It should be done as quickly as possible even in short hands also.

Introduction of the topic

Introduction to the topic provides an insight into what follows so when you are going to start the topic be sure that you explain the topic or write about the historical background or something which gives clear idea about the topic. The fourth step in How to write effective essay in CAPF AC Examination is to know about one thing which is important to be kept in mind while writing an essay that it is not the quantity but quality matters most in this test. You can also use famous sayings or quotations for starting the essay.

Main body of essay

This is the core part of any essay which projects mind set up and vision of a writer so one needs to be very cautious while dealing with this section. It must be organized, argumentative and provides supportive evidence for the each point you write.

One can write facts and figures, provide necessary data; a short story can also be very useful. Due attention should be given to make this part very effective as well as supportive.


Conclusion should be well connected with the main body and provide gradual shift to the topic towards the closure. It should leave something in the mind of reader to think about. It also demonstrates how a candidate has proven his thesis. Always try to finish the essay with a relevant comment.

  • Stick to the topic
  • Constructive criticism
  • Be very specific
  • Use short sentences
  • Avoid overwriting
  • Making flow chart
  • Writing title heads
  • Wrong facts, quotes
  • Deviation from the topic
  • Making diagrams
  • Exaggeration of facts and data.

All together an essay is the projection of thoughts of an individual and the level of knowledge one possess. It also shows the thinking pattern and argumentative approach of an individual. In examinations like CAPF it is always expected that a candidate must possess above qualities.

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