How to offer a better future for children by understanding their feelings – Orientation Session by Mr. Saurabh Singh

How to offer a better future for children – Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd. conducted the first Orientation Session of academic calendar 2019-20 on Sunday 5th May 2019. Orientation Sessions have been long conducted for this academy since its foundation years for newly admitted students of each new batch after the 1st Unit Test. This event started with the National Anthem followed by a PowerPoint Presentation by our Center Head Mr. Prakash Gupta Sir, explaining how students and parents can log in to newly developed portal to track student’s attendance and performance.

The main attraction of our orientation session was the motivational speech given by Mr. Saurabh Singh. This session’s topic was ” How to offer children a better future by understanding their feelings “.

After the speech, the toppers of the batch were awarded medals. Also, Parents got a chance to speak to teachers individually and get a feedback about their child’s performance and progress.

Below given are some excerpts of the speech along with the key points made by our founder. His entire speech focused on issues regarding “How to plan wisely for your child’s future?” & “What kids need to learn to succeed?” Readers can watch the entire video on Mr. Saurabh Singh’s YouTube Channel.

How to offer a better future for children?

“Number of challenges arise everyday before children and most of the time, it’s suffocating for them to prepare for their studies as the competition and peer pressure around them increases significantly. Eventually, depression surrounds them when they fail to live up to the mark which has been the main cause of the break down of most of the children.”

“Being a teacher, we need to think like a parent and as a parent, we need to teach our children about what is good or bad for them. Social media has a great effect on our children. In fact, the books they read everyday does not have a lasting effect over them and this is the most basic thing we need to correct because this is the real challenge.”

“Knowing about the tips and tricks of every subject with knowing the concept, the level of confidence has decreased. It is important to remember that success only comes when you are being truly honest.”

“Real analysis is necessary”

“Defence exams are a national competition not a joke. Competition level is very high. We need to be better. We need to remove all those things that are making us a failure in our goals. We need to strive for knowledge as this is best for students.”

“A sense of maturity should be present in every defence aspirant. We all know the OLQs (Officer Like Qualities) should be present in every defence aspirant. That amount of construction should be present. Inspirational movies like 3 Idiots and Tarre Zammen Par gave us the insight in the mind of the children and told us that they are always changing. Interest and passion should be identified in every walks of life.

A person who came to enroll his son in our coaching asked me yesterday” Our child is always on his computer. What should I do?” Hearing this, when I asked the student what he really does on his computer and why does he spends so much time in it. He said that when he lost interest in his studies, he basically opens up his computer to pass the time which has nothing to do regarding his defence education. See, computer has now become his reason to defend himself from his studies. In short, he has lost his interest. Now his parents both want him to be a software engineer and that is where they were wrong. It is important to differentiate between passion and interest. Being a software engineer, he will invest his time in his laptop for more than 18 hours a day out of 24 and only then he will be able to make a genuine product for his benefit after hard work.”

“It is very important to know the real passion in them”

“Lets’ say a son coming from a wealthy family tells his father about a car and all its specification with full details. What do you think his father wants him to become in the future: An Automobile Engineer. But in reality, the work of an automobile engineer is to repair and give new ideas while working inside the mechanics of the car professionally which is hard to analyze just by seeing the child’s interest.”

“The age 1-20 is a golden period for every student”

“This period constructs a child’s future. 1-5 year requires every bit of time and love from parents. 5-15 requires attentions and dedication and after 15, a parent needs to really become a friend and should start seriously thinking about their child’s future.”

“But we never follow this, from age 1-5, parents now want to teach their children everything about personality to mannerism, how to talk, sit, behave, walk. The child can never do a single thing of its own. From 5-15 years, the entire love and affection starts to churn out, if a child asks anything, he/she knows that they will get it and after 15 years, parents become so strict for the welfare of their child, they start to build pressure on them which is very wrong.”

“The day you start sacrificing, change will happen.”

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