Got recommended in second attempt

Hi friends my name is Shashi Kant Verma and I am from UP. I would like to share my success story. I got recommended in my second attempt and I was a very interesting experience. Since I did not have any defence background so it was little tough for me to start my preparation but I always used to think that there is nothing impossible if you have will to do. So with the same thinking I saw the dream to put stars on my shoulders. I started my preparation when I was in 12th class and I used to study for my board examination as well as for nda examination. I kept working hard without any source of external guidance. I took the help of internet and few books recommended by some of my seniors. Finally I appeared in NDA examination and also cracked it in my first attempt. I did not take any guidance of SSB and appeared in SSB but after the entire procedure of five days when I got rejected I realized that I lacked lot of things and It is very important to have some source of guidance for SSB interview.

I started looking for a coaching which can provide me best guidance and I came across with Major Kalshi Classes Pvt Ltd Allahabad. Without wasting my time I reached here and got myself enrolled where I was given proper guidance of screening, psychology, GTO & interview. The best part was real GTO ground where I was given proper guidance and I appeared in SSB with positive attitude.

Day-0- Reporting-

I reported in selection centre south Bangalore after clearing NDA-1 2015. We were some 195 candidates reported there and we had basic documentation and chest number allotment and official briefing about Do’s & Don’ts and were called next day on early morning.

Day-1- Screening-

On this day we reported at early morning and then made to sit in a big hall and a picture was shown to us. My story was quite good as well as interesting after which we were divided in small group of 18 candidates. I narrated my story confidently and after that I discussed my story confidently. Although few candidates were creating lot of noise but I approached positively and tried to discuss important points. Later after the announcement of the result I as happy to find that I got screen in. there were 48 candidates who got screen in.

Day-2- Psychological Test

Next day we reported at early morning and briefed about the first test TAT in which although few pictures were negative but I approached positively and written practical story. In the next test of WAT I wrote meaningful sentence & written positive words. SRT was although very time taking but I started reacting fastly and did 55 srt. In SD part I wrote actual thing about me and did it on time.

Day-3& 4- GTO & Personal Interview

In GTO task due to my hard work on my gk and current affairs I did well in group discussion and lecturette. Guidance at Major Kalshi Classes helped me a lot to do well in GPE and other outdoor tasks. My physical fitness and practical approach helped me a lot to perform well.

Just after the GTO on day 3 I was interviewed by the board president in which he asked mesome of thebasic and general questions about me and why family background, my educational background, hobbies, sports and other activities for I was already prepared so I answered all the questions confidently and over all my interview was good.

Day-5- Conference

On the very last day that is the day of board conference were called at 7 am where firstly we were given closing address by deputy president of the board as well as briefed about essence of the selection system. Thereafter conference was started in which students were called one by one. I got my chance also in which I was asked about my stay and my experience. Few suggestions were also asked. I was also asked about what was the thing I learnt at SSB and why I want to join army. I gave my actual response and I think I satisfied the panel.

Final the moment came which I was waiting for. We were called in a hall and an officer came and announced the result in which 8 candidates got recommended and I was also one of them.

So friend this was my story of selection. I would like to pay my heartiest thanks to Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd. Allahabad for this and I recommend all the defence aspirant to join this institute to get selection in defence sector.

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