A Detailed Look at the Politics, Pros and Cons and the Key Facts behind the Statue of Unity

Be it a debate or group discussion, Statue of Unity is one of the most common as well as important topics. If you are preparing for defence exams, then you are highly suggested to prepare for this topic and read as much as possible to score good marks in your group discussion or GD round. Here, we bring helpful information about “Pros and Cons and the key facts behind the Statue of Unity” for students preparing for competitive exams.

About Statue of Unity

Statue of Unity is described as a tribute to Indian engineering skills. It is located in Narmada District of Gujrat at a river Island facing the Narmada Dam. It is depicting the 182 metres height iconic figure of Iron Man of India – Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. It was unveiled on October 31st 2018 by the Prime Minister of Indian – Shri Narendra Modi. It is the tallest statue in the world. Statue of Unity is 4 times the height of Statue of Liberty which is located in New York (USA).

This statue is known as the Pride of the Nation, but the majority of people think that incurring Rs. 2900 crores on it has been completely wastage of public money.  That is why; it has become one of the hottest topics of GD round in final selection of defence exams.

Key Facts – Statue of Unity
  • It is the statue of the first Dy Prime Minister and Home Minister of India – Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, who lived from 1875 to 1950.
  • Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was known as the ‘Iron Man of India’.
  • The statue is located in the Narmada District of Gujrat.
  • It was designed by Indian sculptor Ram V Sutar.
Pros – Statue of Unity
  • It is world’s tallest statue which is located in India and considered to be ‘Pride of Nation’.
  • It is estimated that this statue will remain as it is for 1000 years which implies that it will contributing to the national income of India through tourism for centuries.
  • L&T has spent the major part of money to construct the statue.
  • It will increase the tourism income and develop a large number of hotels, transports and other services.
Cons – Statue of Unity
  • Government has spent a big amount of money on this project over other priorities like women’s safety, education and agriculture schemes.
  • There are plenty of sectors in India, like health, safety, employment and education where the money could have been utilized.
  • Many parties claim that this was a place of religious importance, so it should not be built on the land.

In addition to the above aspects, there are plenty of points involved in the facts, pros and cons related to Statue of Unity. To improve your participation in GD round, you should know the topic well. Also, you should have a clear view point on the topic. Whether you are in favour or against of this statue construction, give strong reasons to support your view points. Good luck for your GD round!

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