Defense training institutions and military academies in India

Defense training institutions and military academies:- Friends, after passing the defense exam, candidates are sent to different training institutes. There are about 142 important training institutes for defense training in our country. Training is done in the institute for young candidates related to military service. Where he is taught the art of becoming a professional soldier and the technology of all other types of military service. Today, through articles, we are providing you briefly the names and information related to all those important defense training institutes of India. To get admission in the Indian Army, candidates fill the application form related to the Navy, Air Force, and the Army and go to different institutes for training.

Generally, we only know about the Indian Naval Academy, Indian Military Academy, Indian Air Force Academy. Today all other Defense Training Institutes are sharing information about you.

Defense training institutions and military academies

As we have told you above, there are 142 important training institutes in our country. We are trying to tell you some defense and military training institutes of India in the listed way. Following is the Defense Training Institute of India.

List of Indian Army Defense Training Institute

S. R.Name of the Training Institute / AcademyLocation
1Indian Military AcademyDehradun (Uttarakhand)
2National Defense Academykhadakvasla, Pune (Maharashtra)
3Officers Training AcademyChennai (Tamil Nadu)
4Institute of Military LawKamptee (Maharashtra)
5Officers Training AcademyGaya (Bihar)
6Armed Forced Medical CollegePune (Maharashtra)
7Army War CollageMhow (Madhya Pradesh)
8Officers Training AcademyChennai (Tamil Nadu)
9Rashtriya Military SchoolBelgaum (Karnataka)
10Army Air Defence CollegeGopalpur (Odisha)
11Army Service CropsBangalore (Karnataka)
12Infantry SchoolMhow (Madhya Pradesh)
13Junior Leaders Wing Belgaum (Karnataka)
14High Altitude Warfare SchoolGulmarg (J & K)
15Armoured Corps Centre and SchoolAhmednagar
16School of ArtilleryDeolali (Maharashtra)
17College of Military Engineering (CME)Pune (Maharashtra)
18The Military College of Telecommunication Engineering (MCTE)Mhow (Madhya Pradesh)
19Counter-Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School (CIJW school)Vairengte (Mizoram)
20Junior Leader’s Academy (JLA)Bareilly and Ramgarh (U. P.)
21Army Medical Corps (AMC) Centre and SchoolLucknow (Utter Pradesh)
22College of Materials Management (CMM)Jabalpur  (Madhya Pradesh)
23Military College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering (MCEME)Secunderabad (Hydrabad)
24Remount and Veterinary Corps (RVC) Centre and SchoolMeerut Cantt (Uttar Pradesh)
25Army Education Corps (AEC) Training College and CentrePachmarhi (Bhopal)
26Corps of Military Police (CMP) Centre and SchoolBangalore
27Army School of Physical TrainingPune (Maharashtra)
28Army Airborne Training SchoolAgra (Uttar Pradesh)
29Institute of National Integration (INI)Pune (Maharashtra)
30Institute of Military Law (IML)Kamptee (Maharashtra)
31Army Sports InstitutePune (Maharashtra)
32Army Cadet College (ACC)Dehradun (Uttrakhand)
33Combat Army Aviation Training School (CAATS)Nashik (Maharashtra)
34Army Clerks Training SchoolAurangabad (Maharashtra)
35Army School of Mechanical TransportBangalore (Karnataka)
36Army/ Air Transport Support SchoolAgra (Uttar Pradesh)
37EME SchoolVadodara (Gujarat)
38Military School of MusicPachmarhi (Bhopal)
39Sikh Regiment centerRamgarh (Jharkahnd)
40Punjab Regiment centerRamgarh (Jharkahnd)
41Jat Regiment centerBareilly (Utter Pradesh)
42Rajput Regiment centerFatehgarh (Utter Pradesh)
43Parachute Regiment center Bangalore (Karnataka)
44Maratha Light Infancy Regiment centerBelgaum (Karnataka)
45Dogra Regiment centerFaizabad (Utter Pradesh)
46Mahar regiment centreSagar (Madhya Pradesh)
47Rajputana rifles regiment centreDelhi cantt (Delhi)
4811 Gorkha rifle regiment centreLucknow (Uttar Pradesh)
49special force training centreNahan (Himachal Pradesh)
50military intelligence training schoolPune (Maharashtra)
51Assam regiment centreShillong (Meghalaya)
52Bihar regiment centreDanapur (Bihar)
5314 Gorkha training centersubathu (Himachal Pradesh)
54Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC)Pune (Maharashtra)
Defense training institutions and military academies

List of Indian Navy Training Institute

serial numberName of the Training Institute / AcademyLocation
1Indian naval academyezhimala
2naval war collegeGoa
3INS AgraniCoimbatore
4INS chilkachilka
5INS DronacharyaKochi
6INS GarudaKochi
7INS hamlaMumbai
8institute of naval medicineMumbai
9INS kunjaliMumbai
10INS mandoviGoa
11naval institute of education and training technologyKochi
12National institute of hydrographyGoa
13INS ShivajiLonavla
14INS valsuraJamnagar
15shipwright schoolVisakhapatnam
16INS venduruthyKochi
17INS satvahanaVisakhapatnam
18helicopter training schoolArakkonam
Defense training institutions and military academies

List of Indian Air Force Training Institute for officer

serial numberName of the Training Institute / AcademyLocation
1Air force academydundigal (Hyderabad)
2college of air warfareSecunderabad(Hyderabad)
3Flying insctrutors schoolTambaram
4tactics and air combat development establishmentGwalior
5pilot training establishmentAllahabad (prayagraj)
6Air force administrative collegeBangalore
7Air force technical training CollegeJalaHalli
8Parayrapers training schoolAgra
9Indian Air force test pilot schoolBangalore
10TETTRA schoolPune, Chandigarh Dundigal
11air defence collegeMimura (Lucknow)
Defense training institutions and military academies

List of Indian airport Training Institute for airmen

serial numberName of the Training Institute / AcademyLocation
1Basic training instituteBelgaum
2mechanical transport training instituteawadi
3workshop training instituteTambaram
4mechanical training instituteTambaram
5electronic training instituteJalahalli
6electric and instrumentation training institutejalahalli
7communication training instituteJalahalli
8airport police and security training instituteAvadi
9non- technical training instituteBelgaum
10Air force school of physical fitnessBelgaum
11medical training centreBangalore
12garud regiment training centreChandinagar
Defense training institutions and military academies

List of Indian Coast Guard Training Institute

serial numberName of the Training Institute / AcademyLocation
1Indian Coast Guard AcademyMangalore
2Coast Guard Flying Training SquadronDaman
3 Helicopter Training School (INS Rajaji)Arakaonam
Defense training institutions and military academies

Friends, through today’s article, we have given you information about the names of all military training institutes and academies in India. If you liked this article, then you must share your opinion in our comment box. Your opinion is important to us. If you want to join the Indian Army, then improve your future by taking admission in Major Kalshi Classes today.

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