Indian Army being the largest part of the Indian Armed forces. Indian Army has different security corps for the smooth functioning of the Indian Armed Forces in an efficient manner.

One of those corps is the Defence Security Corp (DCP). Security corps are responsible to provide cover to the defence installations of all the three services. These services include the Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.

The DSC troops are endorsed and attached to various bases or installations in order to ensure protection against wreck and filch. It is the sixth largest corps of the Indian Army.

At present, the major endorsement of DSC troops is for the Indian Army and Indian Air Force. The Naval units and other agencies have a  considerable roll out of this force.


The DSC troops also provide security to some of the Indian Ordnance Factories. Along with the Ordnance Factories, DSC  also provides security to the nuclear laboratories of India and Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

The motto of the defence security corps is “RAKSHA TATHA SURAKSHA “. This motto of the corps mean to “Defence and Security”. This motto also highlights the ultimate duty of DSC troops which is to protect and safeguard the defence installations.

As for the history of DSC, this troop serves all over the country. These areas also include the areas designated as fields, high altitude or operational areas. The DSC personnel perform duties and functions of Armed Security Staff, Static Guards, Searchers, Escorts and Mobile Patrols by day and night.

The DSC soldiers are apparalled either in Khakhi or Military camouflage. The DSC soldiers are anachronistic soldiers and personnel of TA (Territorial Army) who joined by re-enrolment or by lateral transfer. The DSC personnel are armed and trained by the DSC centre to make them efficient enough to deal with a wider range of situations.

The DSC Centre, DSC records and PAO(DSC) is located in the city of Kannur, Kerala on the road to Payyambalam beach. The area is a part of the Cannanore Cantonment maintained by Cantonment board.

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